Unit 4 - Appropriate usage of social networks

 CBSE Revision Notes

Class-11 Informatics Practices (New Syllabus)
Unit 4: Society, Law and Ethics (SLE-1) - Cyber safety

This topic is common in class 11 Computer Science and Informatics Practices.

Appropriate usage of social networks

Now a day’s social network is playing a key role on our society from making friends to sharing information and news. But same thing can be used in negative sense that could impact someone’s life for example spreading fake news about someone without verifying that. Now a day’s it is quiet common to see fake news around social network at time people end up losing their life. Or they go into depressions because of rumours which might not be true. We often see people using fake accounts to talk to someone we should also be aware about these things we should not share our personal information with unknown people on social media.

Spread of rumours: It is becoming common practice to spread rumours on social media and at times it spreads like a fire. We can often see certain message circulating on Whatsapp that XYZ product is banned by doctors it contains some toxics most of the guys fall under these rumours and they stop using those products. While using social media we must be aware there are lot of rumours going on which might not be true before believing any news received on social media you should verify those things simply by Googling it if  any trusted news source has covered that news it’s true but if you won’t see any such news from trusted source then it’s fake. It’s not just about products but hatred can be speared using these social media’s at times you might hate someone because of these rumours. At times rumours are spread for the sake of revenge without thinking how it’ll impact other person’s life. Everybody must be aware there is a punishment for spreading rumours about someone so everyone should refrain from doing such things and stop believing everything you see on social media.

Common social networking sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook): There are lot of social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. There are other sites also which is not as popular as these 3. Aim of these social networking sites is to help people connect with each other if we’ll take an example of Facebook we have been making lot of friends on Facebook we share our opinions with others. It helps us to keep connected with our friends and we can see what’s going on in their life which wasn’t possible before this social networking came into existence. Facebook has also helped people to grow their business and people are even selling products via Facebook. If we talk about LinkedIn it has helped companies to look for employees. A person looking for a job can easily go to LinkedIn and can search for jobs as there are HR’s from different companies who keep posting about vacancies in their company. You can learn from these guys by taking help from them like what sort of job is suitable for you or how you can find a job or how to pursue your career. It is a great platform for guys who what to learn something. On the other hand twitter is mostly used to share the opinions by everyone it’s mostly famous among celebrities. They keep sharing their views. And we can easily connect with them or we can respond to their views. Social networking has changed the way we used to live our life.

Specific usage rules: There are specific rules you should be aware of before using social media. Never reveal your personal information to other person as that person might exploit you because of that information. Whatever you write on social media make sure it does not hurt anyone’s sentiments. Never spread rumours about other person. Never try to defame anyone on social media. If you are writing something make sure you mention it’s your point of view and your colleagues have nothing to do with this. Don’t spread hatred.