Understanding Elementary Shapes-Solutions Ex-5.8

CBSE Class –VI Mathematics
NCERT Solutions
Chapter 5 Understanding Elementary Shapes (Ex. 5.8)

Question 1. Examine whether the following are polygons. If anyone among these is not, say why?
Answer: (a) As it is not a closed figure, therefore, it is not a polygon.  
(b) It is a polygon because it is closed by line segments.
(c) It is not a polygon because it is not made by line segments.
(d) It is not a polygon because it not made only by line segments, it has curved surface also.
Question 2.Name each polygon:
Answer: (a) Quadrilateral(kite), (b) Triangle, (c) Pentagon, (d) Octagon
Question 3. Draw a rough sketch of a regular hexagon. Connecting any three of its vertices, draw a triangle. Identify the type of the triangle you have drawn.
Answer: ABCDEF is a regular hexagon and triangle thus formed by joining AEF is an isosceles triangle.
Question 4.Draw a rough sketch of a regular octagon. (Use squared paper if you wish). Draw a rectangle by joining exactly four of the vertices of the octagon.
Answer: ABCDEFGH is a regular octagon and CDGH is a rectangle.
Question 5.A diagonal is a line segment that joins any two vertices of the polygon and is not a side of the polygon. Draw a rough sketch of a pentagon and draw its diagonals.
Answer: ABCDE is the required pentagon and its diagonals are AD, AC, BE and BD.