The Tsunami - Worksheets

CBSE WorkSheet 01
The Tsunami

  1. How many people and animals died in Yala National Park? (The Tsunami)
  2. What happened when the Ignesious family saw the sea rising? (The Tsunami)
  3. Name the few unlikely heroes who emerged during the tsunami of 2004 according to the story The Tsunami?
  4. Where did the Smith family and the others on the beach go to escape from the tsunami?
  5. How did Almas’s father and grandfather die? (The Tsunami)
  6. How did Sanjeev lose his life?
  7. What is the view of some experts about the animals?
  8. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
    Alma's mother and aunts stood clinging to the leaves of a coconut tree, calling out to her. A wave uprooted the tree, and they too were washed away. Alma saw a log of wood floating. She climbed on to it. Then she floated. When she woke up, she was in a hospital in Kamorta, from where she was brought to Port Blair.
    1. Where were Alma's mother and aunt?
    2. How did Alma save herself?
    3. Where was Alma when she woke up?
CBSE WorkSheet 01
The Tsunami

  1. 60 people and two animals were died in Yala National Park.
  2. The rising sea caused chaos and confusion. The members of the family moved in different directions.
  3. The few heroes we know who emerged during the tsunami of 2004 were Igneous, Tilly Smith, Sanjeev, and some animals who saved the lives of many. 
  4.  Smith family members and others rushed  to the third floor of the hotel when the beach was hit by tsunami waves and thus were saved.
  5. As they ran away, Almas’s grandfather was hit on the head by something. He fell down. Her father rushed to help him. Then came the first giant wave and swept them both away.
  6. When Sanjeev heard cries for help from the wife of John, the guest house cook, he immediately jumped into the water to rescue her. But unfortunately both of them were swept away by the powerful waves.
  7. Some experts believe that animals' more acute hearing helps them to hear or feel the earth’s vibration. They can sense an approaching disaster long before the humans realise what’s happening.
    1. Alma's mother and aunt were washed away in Tsunami.
    2. Alma saw a log of wood floating. She climbed on to it and saved herself.
    3. Alma was in the hospital of Kamorta when she woke up.