The Selfish Giant - Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet 01
The Selfish Giant

  1. Who were happy seeing spring has not arrived in the garden? Answer in the context of The Selfish Giant.
  2. Was the Giant happy or sad over the state of the garden?
  3. What happened when the Giant opened the door of the garden for the children?
  4. Why was it still winter in the Giant's Garden?
  5. How did the Giant’s heart melt when he looked out at the little boy?
  6. Describe the first meeting of the little boy and the Giant.
  7. Describe in brief the Giant’s garden.
  8. Discuss the theme of change of the heart as illustrated through the Story The Selfish Giant.
CBSE Worksheet 01
The Selfish Giant

  1. The snow and the Frost were happy seeing spring has not arrived.
  2. The Giant was sad over the state of the garden.
  3. When the Giant opened the gate, the children saw him. They were in great fear. They ran away. The garden became winter again.
  4. It was still winter in the Giants Garden as because there were no children and so the birds did not care to sing and the trees did not blossom.
  5. The Giant called himself ‘selfish’. He now knew why the spring would not come to his garden. He would put that little boy on the top of the tree. He would also knock down the wall. He would allow the children to play in his garden.
  6. In the first meeting, the little boy did not run seeing the Giant. He was weeping. The Giant took him gently. He put him into the tree. The tree broke at once into blossom. The birds came and sang. The little boy embraced the Giant. He also kissed him.
  7. The Giant’s garden was very beautiful. It had soft green grass. Here and there over the grass stood beautiful flowers like stars and there were twelve peach-trees that in the springtime broke out into delicate blossoms of pink and pearl, and in autumn bore rich fruit.
  8. The story puts great emphasis on the theme of change in heart as illustrated through the central protagonist, the Giant. The Giant, though hefty and strong, had been rendered incapable of receiving any joy because he was a selfish Giant. He had a garden which he thought was only his, and he stopped the children from playing in his garden. Due to this no joy reaches him and his heart and his garden reel under perpetual winter. Yet, the moment he changes his attitude and becomes more sensitive, he experiences the utmost bliss of nature. His change in heart facilitates him to receive many rewards: a beautiful garden, the joy that the children spread and the mercy of Christ himself. Thus, the story brings out beautifully that a loving and sensitive heart is always happy and beautiful.