The Fight - Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet 01
The Fight

  1. What was Ranji afraid of when he reached home at the end of the first day? Answer in the context of The Fight.
  2. What surprises the warrior? Answer in the context of The Fight.
  3. What is it that Ranji finds difficult to explain at home?
  4. How did Ranji and the stranger introduce themselves to each other?
  5. Between Ranji and the other boy, who is trying to start a quarrel? Give a reason for your answer.
  6. What surprise did Ranji discover after a month in Rajpur?
  7. Narrate the episode of the fight between Ranji and Suraj in the forest in about 100-125 words.
  8. What does pehelwan mean? In what ways could Suraj help Ranji become one?
CBSE Worksheet 01
The Fight

  1. He was highly afraid as he was thinking lest his parents should come to know about the violent fight.
  2. The warrior is surprised at the clean dive which Ranji had executed.
  3. There are many cuts and bruises on Ranji’s face and arms. Ranji finds it difficult to explain them at home.
  4. The stranger introduced himself as a Warrior. Ranji, on the other hand, introduced himself as a Fighter.
  5. The boy is trying to start a quarrel as he is hostile to Ranji even though Ranji was prepared to be friendly. He talks to him rudely and brings about a tough quarrel between themselves.
  6. Ranji found a clean, cold and inviting swimming pool in Rajpur in a forest. It was such a pool as he had never seen.
  7. Ranji was a thin built boy, fond of swimming. Once he discovered a pool in the forest. It was a hot summer day. He got into the pool. Soon a boy, taller and stronger than him, arrived there. He said that it was his pool and he would swim alone. He tried to frighten Ranji. He called himself a warrior. Ranji stood his ground and proclaimed himself a fighter. The two fought over the right to the pool. Both were tired and exhausted in the very first fight. In the second fight, they faced each other across the pool. They challenged each other. Ranji was decidedly a better swimmer than Suraj. He could dive and swim under water. He established his superiority over his adversary. Now the two agreed to help each other rather than fight. Ranji promised to teach Suraj the art of swimming. Suraj offered to make Ranji a wrestler. They became friends.
  8. A ‘pehelwan’ means somebody whose body is strongly built and has a physical process. It could also mean a wrestler. Seeing that Ranji was strong, but had a thin and bony body, Suraj suggests to Ranji that he would help him become a pehelwan if Ranji helped him with swimming. He also tells Ranji that he must drink one seer of milk every day to become a pehelwan and have proper food.