The comet I - Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet 01
The comet I

  1. What do Sir John and James discuss?
  2. When was the confirmation regarding Comet Dutta sought?
  3. What did Duttada say about comets?
  4. Why did Indrani Debi wish that Duttada should not have made this discovery?
  5. What did Indrani Debi think about Duttada’s telescope?
  6. What did the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) do after getting the information about the discovery of the new comet?
  7. Why did Duttada got angry at his wife?
  8. What was Sir John’s reaction after listening to James’ notions about the rare circumstances?
CBSE Worksheet 01
The comet I

  1. James, a British scientist and John Macpherson, the Defence Science Advisor have tete-a-tete over impending calamity.
  2. The IIA confirmed about comet Dutta after assuring the findings and communicating it worldwide.
  3. Duttada said that comets had nothing to do with calamities on the earth. There was nothing harmful about them. His comet would cause no anxiety to anybody.
  4. Indrani Debi believed that comets brought bad luck. She wished a good man like Duttada not to be associated with such a discovery.
  5. Indrani Debi thought that Duttada’s telescope was like a designing woman who had ensnared her husband. She used to call it Dibya.
  6. The Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) confirmed the findings and communicated it worldwide. It named the new comet after its discoverer.
  7. Duttada got angry at his wife as she had arranged for the Yajna to overcome the ill effects of comet. He did not consider it a taboo and he reckoned them a meaningless rituals.
  8. Sir John was a man of action and fore sight. He was aware that cometary collisions are expected to occur once in ten million years, but according to James’ research, this comet could collide with earth in less than a year. Only if some rare circumstances occurred, this comet may not collide with Earth but as these circumstances were far-fetched the comet was expected to collide with the Earth in ten months. Sir John got worried because the rare circumstances presented by James were based on chance events and such a critical matter could not be left to be decided by fortuitous circumstances. Thus, he decided to act now to try to avert the collision.