Sound - Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet-01
Class–VIII Science (Sound)

  1. Speed of sound increases as it passes through :-
    1. solid < liquid >gas
    2. gas < liquid < solid
    3. liquid < gas < solid
    4. gas > liquid > solid
  2. The shape of outer ear resembles a :-
    1. Funnel
    2. Kernel
    3. Tunnel
    4. both a & b
  3. A tightly stretched membrane that separates outer ear from middle ear is :-
    1. Eartube
    2. Earpinna
    3. Eardrum
    4. Earfiller
  4. The part of ear which converts sound energy into electric impulses for brain is :-
    1. Outer ear
    2. Pinna
    3. Middle ear
    4. Inner ear
  5. Match the column :-
    a. Electrici) middle ear
    b. Soundii) inner ear
    c. Eardrumiii) stimulus
    d. Pinnaiv) guitar
    e. Cochleav) outer ear
  6. Fill in the blanks :-
    1. Sound is caused by a source that ______ .
    2. ______ cords are present inside the voice box.
    3. The sense organ that perceives sound is ______ .
    4. The function of outer ear is to ______ sound waves.
    5. Inner ear transmits vibrations to brain by ______ nerve.
  7. How does a human being produces sound? Explain.
  8. Sita felt some irritation in her ears and put a needle into her ears to remove it. Can it be dangerous?
  9. Name the instrument and its category also among musical instruments.
  10. Write the correct words by putting letters in correct sequence-
    1. nlyaxr
    2. sonei
CBSE Worksheet-01
Class–VIII Science (

  1. b
  2. a
  3. c
  4. d
  5. a. iv, b. iii, c. i, d. v, e. ii.
    1. Vibrates
    2. Vocal
    3. Ear
    4. Collect
    5. Auditory.
  6. In humans, the sound is produced by the voice box or the larynx. Put your finger on the throat and find a hard bump that seems to move when you swallow. This part of the body is know as voice box. It is at the upper end of the windpipe. The vocal cords, are streched across the voice box in such a way that it leaves as narrow slit between them for the passage of air. when the lungs force air through the slit, the vocal cords vibrate, producing sound.(larynx grows larger in boys reaching puberty and called adam’s apple).
  7. Putting sharp object like pine and needles can harm our ear parts. This is because when sound enter in ear, it travels down a canal at the end of , which a thin membrane is streched tightly. It is called ear drum. Ear drum is flexible but it is a soft and delicate tissue. It can be harmed easily by needle. This results in difficulty in hearing.
  8. It is a violin and it belongs to category of stringed instruments.
    1. Larynx
    2. Noise