Sorting Materials Into Groups-Revision Notes

                                              CBSE Class–VI Subject Science
Revision Notes
Sorting Material into Groups

Matter :  Anything that occupies space and has mass is called matter. Objects around us are made up of a large variety of materials.
Material : A material is a substance which is used for making things.
A given material could be used to make a large number of objects. It is also possible that an object could be made of a single material or of many different types of materials.

(A) Apearance : shine ( luster or luster ) or Roughness ( non- lustrous )
  • All metals are lustrous , some are more and some are less.
  • wood, rubber or a piece of rock is non-lustrous. 
   (B) . Hardness ;  Hard and soft
  • Rocks, iron and many metals are hard.
  • Hard materials may be : 
  1. Brittle ;- Which break into samller pieces or are powdered when hammered, ex. rock,glass,salt.
  2. Malleable : which spread into sheets when beaten . metals are malleable.
  3. Ductile :- they can be drawn into thin and long wires. metals are ductile.
  • materials like wood, rubber and fibres are soft.
 (C) Thorough visibility :-
  • Transarent :- object through which light may pass .ex. glass some plastis , sugar and salt solution in water.
  • Transluscent :- object through which light may pass partially.ex. milky glass, milk.
  • Opaque :_ object through which light does not pass.ex. wood, metals, rock,wall.
(D) Good and bad conductor of electricity :-
  • material through which electric current can pass easily are the good conductors of electricity. metals are good conductors of electricity.
  • wood, plastic,rubber, cork and certain materials are bad conductors of electricity.electric current does not pass through them.
(D) Good and bad conductor of heat :-
  • All metals are good conductors of heat.
  • wood are bad conductors of heat.
(E) combustible substances :- The materials which catch fire on heating are combustible substance. wood, lastic,fibre and paper are combustible substance.
material which sinks in water is denser than water.
material which floats on water is less dense than water.
  • The substnces like salt and sugar , which disappear in water , are said to be soluble.
  • The substances which remain as such and do not disappear in water are said to be insoluble in water.
(H) Miscible and Immiscible Liquid :-
  • when two liquids are mixed and they do nort mixed well, they are said to be immiscible.
  • The liquids which mix well with water are said to be miscible.

  • Things made from wood
  • Things made from fibre
  • Things made from metal
  • Things made from ceramic
  • Things made from glass
  • Things made from plastic
  • Things made from rubber
  • things that are liquids such as oil.

Materials are grouped together on the basis of similarities and differences in their properties.
Things are grouped together for convenience and to study their properties.

Advantages of classification:
(a) Helps in identification of objects.
(b) Helps in sortingof objects.
(c) Helps in locting things.
(d) Makes study of different objects easy and more meaningful rather than studying each other separately.
(e) Helps to understanding similarities and dissimilarties among objects.