Social Responsibility of Business - Solutions

 CBSE Class 11 Business Studies

NCERT Solutions
Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics


1. What do you understand by social responsibility of business? How is it different from legal responsibility?

Ans. Social responsibility of business refers to its obligation to take those decisions and perform those actions which are desirable in terms of the objective and values of our society.

Social responsibility is broader than legal responsibility of business. Legal responsibility may be fulfilled by mere compliance with the law. Social responsibility  involves an element of voluntary action on the part of businessfor the benefit of society. 

2. What is environment? What is environmental pollution?

Ans. Environment means the things surroundings us on which we live, we eat etc. Environment is nothing but only our surrounding things which affect us, such as water, air and land. Environmental pollution can be classified into the following four types-

(a) Air Pollution

(b) Water Pollution·

(c) Land Pollution

(d) Noise Pollution

3. What is business ethics? Mention the basic elements of business ethics.

Ans. Business ethics refers to a set of moral values or standards pr norms which govern the activities of a businessman. Ethics defines what is right and what is wrong.

Elements of business ethics:

1. Ethical thinking: The business must develop ethical imagination and thinking when it is taking decisions.

2. Ethical ranking: The business must rank its decisions on the basis of ethics.

3. Tolerance of ethical disagreement and ambiguity: Whenever a businessman takes ethical decisions, there may be some opposition. The businessman must accept this opposition in a healthy manner.

4. Ethical management: The businessman must assess ethical competence of managers along with their managerial ability.

4. Briefly explain (a) Air pollution, (b) Water pollution, and (c) Land pollution.

Ans. (a) Air Pollution: Air pollution is the result of a combination of factors which lowers the air quality. It is mainly due to carbon monoxide emitted by automobiles which contributes to air pollution.

(b) Water Pollution: Discharge of industrial and household wastes into rivers, streams or lakes causes degradation of the water quality. Over time, the increase in water pollution often results in the deaths of several animals and poses serious threats to human beings.

(c) Land Pollution: Dumping of toxic wastes on land causes land pollution. This damages the quality of land, making it unfit for agriculture or plantation.

5. What are the major areas of social responsibility of business?

Ans. Major areas for social responsibility of business are given below:

(a) Shareholders or investors who contribute funds for business.

(b) Employees and- others that make up its personnel.

(c) Consumers or customers who consume and/or use its outputs (products and/or services).

(d) Government and local administrative bodies that regulate its commercial activities in their jurisdictions.

(e) Members of a local community who are either directly or indirectly influenced by its activities in their area.

(f) Surrounding environment of a location from where it operates.

(g) The general public that makes up a big part of society.