Snapshots The Summer of the Beautiful - Practice Papers 4

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section D
Practice Paper

Question No. 11

Long Answer Type Questions

Answer these question in 150 words.

  1. The Portrait of a Lady
    1. Grandmother has been portrayed as a strong lady and an affectionate grandmother. Write a brief character sketch of the grandmother in the light of above statement?
    2. How was grandmother’s life in the city different from her life in the village?
    3. Describe the three phases of the author’s relationship with his grandmother before he went abroad for further studies?
  2. “We’re Not afraid to Die ...
    1. “We’re note afraid to die .....” is a story of team work, optimism and courage. Support this statement with suitable examples from the story?
    2. Describe the destruction caused by the storm to the ‘Wave Walker’? What measures were taken by the narrator and his crew to prevent its sinking?
    3. Why do you think people undertake such adventurous expeditions inspite of the risks involved?
  3. Discovering Tut: The saga continues
    1. Who discovered Tut’s mummy”? What were the funerary treasures and everyday things buried along with it?
    2. How did Carter manage to separate Tut’s mummy from its coffin? Why was it subjected to repeated scrutiny?
    3. Why was Howard Carter’s investigation not approved by the experts? What argument did he give in his defence?
  4. The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’ Role
    1. What are the four principal biological systems of the earth according to Mr. Lester Brown? How do they sustain humanity? What would happen to them if overexploited by man?
    2. How has the growth of World population become the strongest factor distorting the future of humans? What does the author suggest?
    3. What has made the earth sick? What remedial measures you would like to suggest to improve its health?
  5. The Browning Version
    1. Compare and contrast Mr. Crocker Harris and Mr. Frank as a teacher and as a person.
    2. What opinion do you form about Taplow as a student from the play ‘The Browning Version’?
    3. Frank was encouraging Taplow to mimic his teacher Crocker Harris. Support your answer with suitable instances from the play?