Snapshots The Summer of the Beautiful - Practice Papers 3

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section D
Practice Paper

Question No: 10


Short Answer Type Questions

  1. A PHOTOGRAPH - By Shirley Toulson
    1. What does the word ‘Cardboard’ denote in the poem ‘A Photograph’?
    2. What does the picture taken by the Uncle show?
    3. What does the phrase “transient feet” suggest?
    4. What are the feelings of the poetess when she sees her mother’s photograph?
  2. THE VOICE OF THE RAIN - By Walt Whitman
    1. Why does rain call itself ‘the poem of Earth’?
    2. Why does the rain descend ‘on the Earth’?
    3. How does rain give back life to its origin?
    4. Why is the rain described as eternal?
  3. CHILDHOOD - By Markus Natten
    1. What are the poet’s feelings at the loss of his childhood?
    2. What does the poet observe about the behaviour of adults?
    3. What does the poet feel about his own mind in the poem “Childhood”?
    4. What changes are involved in the process of growing from childhood to adulthood?
  4. FATHER TO SON ­- By Elizabeth Jennings
    1. What kind of relationship exists between father and his son?
    2. How is the father’s helplessness brought out in the poem?
    3. Explain the phrase ‘silence surrounds us’?
    4. How is father trying to build a bridge between his son and himself?