Snapshots The Summer of the Beautiful - Practice Papers 7

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section D
Practice Paper

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

Question No. 13

Short Answer Type Questions

Answer these questions in 30-­40 words.

  1. The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse.
    1. When and why did Mourad come to Aram’s house?
    2. How does Aram justify Mourad’s act of stealing the horse?
    3. Where did the boys hide the horse everyday?
    4. What do you learn about uncle Khosrove’s temperament after reading this story?
    5. Who is John Byro? Why did he not accuse the boys of stealing his White Horse?
    6. What happened when Aram rode the horse alone?
    7. Why was Mourad considered the natural descendant of Uncle Khosrove?
  2. The Address
    1. Who is Mrs. Dorling? What opinion do you form about Mrs. Dorling on the basis of the Lesson “The Address”.
    2. How was the narrator received by Mrs. Dorling when she visited her for the first time?
    3. What arguments were given by Mrs. Dorling for taking away things from narrator’s house?
    4. The narrator visited Mrs. Dorling many years after the War. Why did she wait so long?
    5. Describe the narrator’s feelings when she found herself in the midst of her mother’s belongings?
    6. Why did the narrator resolve to forget ‘the address’?
  3. Ranga’s Marriage
    1. Why did people rush to Ranga’s house?
    2. What were Ranga’s views about marriage?
    3. Who is Ratna? Why does the author consider her the most suitable bride for Ranga?
    4. What did the writer tutor Shastri to do?
    5. How has the author made fun of English Language in the story ‘Ranga’s marriage’?
    6. Why did Ranga name his son as ‘Shyama’?
  4.  Albert Einstein at School
    1. Why did Einstein refuse to learn dates and facts?
    2. Why did Albert feel miserable. When he left school after having an argument with the history teacher?
    3. Why was Einstein not happy in his lodgings?
    4. What did Mathematics teacher think of Einstein?
    5. Who is Elsa? What advice does she give to Eintein to pass the examination?
    6. What were the reasons given by the head teacher for expelling Einstein?
    7. What was Einstein’s future plan for further education after leaving school at Munich?
  5. Mother’s Day
    1. Give any two instances from the Lesson to show that Mrs. Pearson was treated like a servant by her family?
    2. How does Mrs. Fitzgerald help Mrs. person to get back her lost respect in her family?
    3. What shocks Cyril when he comes back home?
    4. Who is Charlie Spencer? How does Mrs. Pearson show her dislike for him?
    5. What advice does Mrs. Fitzgerald give to Mrs. Pearson after they change back their personalities?
    6. At the end of the play how does Mrs. Pearson plan to spend evening with her family?
  6. Birth
    1. Who was Andrew Manson? Why was Joe Morgan waiting for him?
    2. What was the conflict in Andrew’s mind regarding marriage?
    3. How did the child appear when it was born?
    4. What last effort was made by Andrew to revive the child?
    5. “I have done something; Oh, Good! I’ve done something real at last.” Why does Andrew think so?
  7. The Tale of Melon City
    1. Where and why did the King order the construction of an arch?
    2. What happened when the king went down the thoroughfare?
    3. Who was the wisest man? What was his verdict?
    4. Why did the King order to hang someone immediately?
    5. What was the criteria for choosing a person to be hanged? Who was found fit finally?
    6. What do you learn about the ministers from their behaviour?
    7. How was a melon crowned to be the new King of the country?