Snapshots Mothers Day - Practice Papers

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section D
Practice Paper

Mother's Day
By J. B. Priestley

Questions for Practice:

Long Questions:

  1. Do the two youths in the story exemplify typical youths of their age group? Or they have much more individuality?
  2. What is the universal aspect of the story in the play?
  3. What are the aspects of European society that the play mirrors?
  4. Do you feel that Mrs. Pearson will really be able to keep her family members on track or you feel Mrs. Fitzgerald’s good work will be wasted in due course of time?

Short Questions:

  1. Is the title of the play proper? What other titles you can imagine for the play?
  2. What do Mrs. Fitzgerald’s magic words signify about the origin of those words?
  3. How do Cyril and Doris justify their behaviour?
  4. How does Mrs. Fitzgerald prove to Mr. Pearson that what she has opined about his actual status in the Clun is in fact true, a common knowledge?
  5. What is the reaction of the Pearson youths and the father towards each other’s predicament?

Value based Question:

  1. Do you approve of whatever Mrs. Fitzgerald does for reforming the errant Pearson family?