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 CBSE Class -XI English Core

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The Address

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Q1 : 'Have you come back?' said the woman.'I thought that no one had come back.' Does this statement give some clue about the story? If yes, what is it?
Answer :
The quoted statement indicates that the two families knew each other.They stayed nearby and were probably acquaintances.  When the war was going on, some people left their homes to take refuge in distant lands. Few people who remained there thought that those  who had left their land would never return. Mrs. Dorling,a non-Jew,  thought that the entire family of Mrs.S, a Jew, was killed during the war. So instead of receiving her warmly, the lady gave the girl a cold reception. 

Q2 : The story is divided into pre-war and post-war times. What hardships do you think the girl underwent during these times?
Answer :
The story, “The Address” is divided into  pre-war and post-war times. There are clear indications of the hardships which the narrator, a young girl, had to undergo during these times. The girl belonged to a rich family. They had  lot of valuable belongings. Then the war broke out, Mrs. Dorling renewed her contact and started visiting their house. She took away all their possessions on the ground that she wanted to save all their nice things in case they had to leave the place.The girl suffered a lot during the war. She lost her mother.  After the war was over, things became almost normal. The girl  lived alone in a rented house. She wanted her belongings back as they were part of her past that she had lost forever. When she went to meet Mrs. Dorling, she saw that all her belongings were arranged in a tasteless manner. She could not connect herself with any of them. Suddenly, she lost interest in them as they had become  total strangers to her. So the girl decided to leave them behind and resolved to move on.

Q3 : Why did the narrator of the story want to forget the address?
Answer :
The narrator went to the house of the lady who had promised to keep the valuable items of her mother safe during the war . The address given by her mother helped the girl in finding out the house but when she saw the tasteless manner in which her belongings were arranged, she wanted to forget the address and leave the house  as she could not connect herself with her belongings. They had lost all their emotional value for the narrator. She now lived in a small rented room where there was  no place to keep all those things. That was why she wanted to forget the address.

Q4 : 'The Address' is a story of human predicament that follows war Comment.
Answer :
The phenomenon of war brings lot of suffering for human beings. It brings with it death and destruction. It kills the feelings of love and sympathy. The story "The Address" is based on this theme. During the war, the narrator's mother leaves all her valuable things with an acquaintance. The mother dies and many years later the narrator returns  to Mrs Dorling to take back all her belongings. But the woman shows no sympathy for her. On the contrary, she behaves in a very hard hearted manner. She doesnot  allow the girl to enter the house. She turns out to be a lady bereft of all human emotions. Thus we find that war leaves the world desolate not only on the physical level but also on the emotional and spiritual level.