Snapshots The Address - Practice Papers

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section D
Practice Paper

The Address
By – Marga Minco

Questions for Practice

Long Questions:

  1. What picture of corrupt human mind you find portrayed in the character of Mrs. Dorling. What is your idea about her daughter?
  2. What are the character traits of the narrator? Why is that she has been given no name in the story?

Short Questions:

  1. Highlight the pain of loss and frustrations and helplessness in the mind of the narrator.
  2. Is the story able to paint the horrible pictures of the inhuman Nazi atrocities on the European Jews during the Second World War?
  3. You find out that the narrator managed to come back from somewhere. Where has she managed to come back from? (From the Nazi concentration camps, the death camps, gas chambers, from the jaws of death)
  4. Why does the narrator say she knew and did not know the things? What does that mean?
  5. What changes of normalcy does the story speak about? (bread of a lighter colour, which was of a darker colour for Jews during the War etc.)