Reading Note Making - Practice Papers 9

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section B
Writing Skills

Poster Designing

Purpose : to create social awareness, to advertise current general problems.

Layout :

  • Eye catching and visually attractive.
  • A catchy slogan
  • Simple drawings/sketching
  • Letter of different size and shape
  • Proportionate spacing

Content :

  • Highlight the main topic
  • Include all the important details like time, venue and date, in case of an event.
  • Name of the issuing authority, organisers etc.

Expression :

  • Appropriate and accurate language
  • Creativity
  • Overall organisation

Common Topics for Posters

  1. Clean city campaign/Green Delhi, Clean Delhi
  2. World Environment Day/Save Environment
  3. Book Fair/Exhibition/Career Mela etc.
  4. Save water/Water harvesting
  5. Prevention against Malaria/Dengue
  6. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan/Each one Teach one etc.
  7. Prevention against Terrorists attacks/ Be an Alert citizen.
  8. Say 'No' to crackers/Polybags/Plastics.
  9. Road Safely/Car-pooling/Air pollution etc.
  10. Save girl child
  11. Child Labour
  12. Harmful effects of smoking/Drugs/Drinking.
  13. Save Power/Save Energy
  14. Donate Blood
  15. Help Old People
  16. Save Earth - Save Humanity

Indian Council for Cultural Relations Presents
Painting Competition

Cultural Festivals
Wednesday, 14 November, 2012
Azad Bhawan Auditorium, I. P. Estate
from 10.00 A. M. to 7.00 P. M.
exhibition will remain open from 14-18 Nov, 2012 Entry Free

  1. You are Prem/Priyas of Kamal Public School your school is going to organize Annual Function at Shah Auditorium. Draft a Poster to invite the parents of the students and the Principals of the other neighbouring school.
  2. National Book Trust is going to organise Book Fair in memory of Mahatma Gandhi on 2 Oct. Design a poster on the Book Fair highlighting the importance of books.
  3. Eco club of your school is celebrating Van Mahotsava. Draft a Poster highlighting the importance usefulness of plants. You are Asit/Seema of Rajat High School, Delhi.
  4. You are Mamta/Mahip, the head girl/boy of ABC Public School, Delhi Design a poster to highlight the importance of 'Water Conservation'.
  5. Draft a poster on 'Earth Day'. You are Rajan/Rajni of 'Vriksh Mitra Club'.


  1. You are the social worker from NCPCR Delhi. You happen to visit and interact with the families of rag­pickers in slum area. Write your experience in 100-150 words highlighting their problems, living conditions, daily routine, their future etc.
  2. You are Shubham / Surabhi student of class XI. You visited Shimla during the Educational tour organised by Directorate of Education, Delhi. The toy train you boarded from Kalka delighted you the most. Write an account of your Journey in 150 words.
  3. Give a brief discussion of your visit to the Parliament House where the session was going on, in 150 words, giving details of the venue, security, behaviour of the members of parliament, Role of ministers and opposition leader etc.
  4. Akshit /Akshita wants to celebrate his/her birthday in a hotel on a grand scale. His/ her birthday in a hotel on a grand scale. His/Her mother gives instructions for organisaing the function. Use the input write the instruction in 150 words.
  5. Youngster have fallen a prey to video­games on computer as well as in Malls. They waste alot of time in playing these games which are fall off violent actions. They neglect their study and bunk the classes. Write your views in 100-­150 words. You are Vaibhav / Vaishali.
  6. Last week you were encountered with a frightening experience when you were watching the English movie on your T.V. Write your experience in 150 words.
  7. You are Sunita. You and your friends have same harrowing tales of the sufferings of girls at the hands of greedy dowry seekers. Capture your experiences on “Evils of Dowry System” in about 150­-200 words.