Reading Note Making - Practice Papers 8

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section B
Writing Skills


Format : The word 'Notice', date, Heading, Writer's name with designation name of the Issuing agency (school). (1)
Content : What : Event/Activity/Heading.
When : Date and Time
Where : Venue
Who : Participants/organisers, Chief Guest if any
How : Process and contact (to whom) (2)
Expression : Overall organisation, accuracy and fluency (2)

(Power Cut)

Date Aug 7, 2011
This is to inform all the residents of the society that there will be a power cut for four hours on 8th Aug, 2011 from 1 p. m. to 5 p. m. The reason is the installation of electronic meters. Inconvenience is regretted. (President, R. W. A., Mayur Vihar Phase I, Delhi)


(Water Shortage)

Date Aug 8, 2011
Considering the acute water shortage in the colony this summer, all the residents of Vasant Kunj, A- Block are requested not to waste potable water by cleaning their cars, verandahs drive ways etc. or watering the plants with a hosepipe. A fine of Rs.500/- will be imposed on the defaulters. Kindly save water for better tomorrow.
Resident Welfare Society
Vasant Kunj, A Block



  1. You are Ranjan/Rachna the Head boy/ girl of the school, G. G. S. S. S. No. 1 Rohini. Write a notice about the debate competition in the school on the topic "Utility of Mega Events" for common man.


G. G. S. S. S. No. 1 Dilshad Garden
Debate Competition

Feb 17, 2011
All the students are hereby informed that English Debate Competition of Zonal Level will be held in our school as per the details given below :
Date : 21 Feb, 2011
Time : 8.30 a. m.
Venue : School auditorium
Topic : Utility of Mega Events for Common Man.
Time Limit : 3-4 min. One each in favour and against. Interested students may give their names in pair to the undersigned latest by 19th Feb. for further details/ enquiry, contact the undersigned.
(Head) Girl)

  1. You are the In-Charge of Cultural Club of your school. Draft a notice for your school. Draft a notice for your school Notice Board inviting students to participate in Dance Competition Sign as Mohan/Mahima.
  2. As the Head Girl/Head Boy of your school, write a Notice for your school notice Board asking the student to participate in Science exhibition. Invent necessary details. You are Kalpana of 'The Indian School'.
  3. You are Aarti Gupta, the In-charge of cultural club of your school. Write a notice about painting competition to he held at Pragati Maidan.
  4. You are Harsh Mohan, the sports secretary of your school. Write a notice for your school, Notice Board about the Annual Sports Day to be held in your school.
  5. Write a notice for your school notice Board about a declamation contest to be held in your school on the topic 'Pollute and Perish.'