Reading Note Making - Practice Papers 7

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section B
Writing Skills


  1. You are Pratibha/Pramod of Mont Fort School, Ashok Vihar. You are interested in doing a short term course in computer programming during summer vacations. Write a letter to the director of the institution enquiring about the duration of such a course and the terms and conditions for admission.
  2. Write a letter to the Principal/Vice Chancellor about the problem of ragging being forced by freshers, which at times even force the students to drop out. It may also adversely affect their academic standards sign the letter as Ritu/Rakesh. (word limit 150¬200).
  3. Abduction & rape of young working girls is on the rise in the city. Write a letter to the editor of a leading newspaper suggesting about the steps to be immediately taken by Govt. of make our city a safer place at night for working women you are Soha/ Sohan of Kamla Nagar, Delhi.
  4. Rising prices of essential commodities like L.P.G. Gas, Milk fruits, Vegetables, Petrol & diesel are crushing the back bone of the common man. Write a letter to the editor for publication in a local Delhi as you are Sudha/Samarth of D.P.S. Mathura Road. Delhi (Word limit :150- 200)
  5. Reading habbit of students is on the decline as books on current topics, news paper, English magazines, comics etc are not available in your school library. Instead they are wasting their time in less fruitful activities like watching T.V., talking on mobile and surfing the net. Write a letter to the Principal requesting him to make immediate arrangements for the availability of these books in school library.