Reading Note Making - Practice Papers 6

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section B
Writing Skills


  1. You are Sadhana / Shubham, summer time is a difficult time for all the dwellers of Metro Cities because of the acute shortage of water as well as the supply of polluted water. In some are as they are getting polluted water even after process of filtration. Write a letter to the Municipal Commissioner to take effective steps for proper supply of clean water and make arrangements to store rain water that can be utilized in other work. Also give suggestions to create awareness among the people to save water.
  2. Every day many innocent lives are lost because of drunken and reckless driving on City road Growing number of pubs and night clubs are the root cause for this Suggesting ways to curb this menace, write a letter to the editor of local newspaper. You are Lalita/Lalit of Sec-11, Rohin. (Heavy fines............ suspension of driving license ......... Impounding of vehicle.)
  3. Incidents of quacks (untrained Doctors) face poilets, untrained truck & bus drivers are on the rise, risking the lives of innocent citizens. Write a letter to the editor suggesting ways like deter rant punishments heavy fines and inprisonment to curb this menace.
  4. You attended a career counselling programme organised by “Career India” You had the opportunity of listening to professionals from various fields like food, technology, fashion technology and media management. Write a letter to the Editor & a local newspaper suggesting that such programme should be arranged in Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools. You are Sakshi/Saksham, student of class XI.
  5. You are Rakesh / Rakhi of Patel Nagar, Delhi. In Metro polytan cities, incidents of rape, eveteasing and murders are on the increase. Residents are in a state of panic as the police are often slow to react to emergency calls. Write a letter to the editor of newspaper “Hindustan Time’ highlighting inefficiency of the police and suggest some remedial measures that can be adopted.