Reading Note Making - Practice Papers 5

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section B
Writing Skills


  1. Himani/Hemant a student of class XI, Vishal Bharti School, Paschim Vihar, Delhi feel depressed at the pollution caused by vehicular traffic noise, flowing of industrial effluents into Yamuna River, frequent and unending traffic jams, crackers, polythene bags etc. She/he decides to write an article as ‘Pollution Control Drive’ for publication in ‘The Indian Express’. (150-­200 words)
  2. Youths form the very back bone of a nation as they are a great store house of energy and strength. Using this input write an article in (150­-200) words on “The Role of Youth in National Development” to be published in “The Indian Express” you are Puneet/Purnima of Vandana International School Delhi.
  3. The fast food counters are mushrooming in every town and city. Though fast food is fast to cook and fast to eat, it is also fast to Kill. You are Mohan/Meenu. Write an article in (150-­200) words on ‘Fast Food ­A Great Health Hazard” to be published in your school magazine.
  4. You are Swati / Sarthak of Rukhmani Devi Public School, Delhi and commute to your school every day by the newly started Metro Rail. You notice its benefits of travelling, controlling air pollution and traffic jams. Write an article for a local news paper on the same. Your article should be within (150­-200) words using following input under the title “Metro Rail­ A Boon for Traffic.