Reading Note Making - Practice Papers 11

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section B
Writing Skills


  1. Some colleges conduct entrance test for admission to under-graduates courses like English (Hons) and Journalism(Hons). Do you think that the entrance test is the right method of selecting students? Write a speech in about (150¬200) to be delivered at morning assembly of your school.
  2. Inspite of Scientific and Technological advancement, man is still superstitious. He has landed on the moon and thinking of settling down there. But still he consults Pandits and Astrologers whether a particular day is auspicious to send the satellite into the space. Write a speech in about (150¬200) words on some of the interesting superstitions. Your school is organising “Senior Citizens day” you have to speak in the morning assembly about.) 'Are senior citizen’s in India being neglected by their Children?' The speech should not be more than (150¬200) words.
  3. Corruption has eaten into the vitals of public life as it is rampant at every step. None of the public dealing offices go without corrupt practices. So many scams are reported in the news papers everyday. You are Himanshu/Heena of Mont Fort School, Ashok Vihar. Prepare a speech on “The Menace of Corruption in India”, in about (150¬200 words) to be delivered in the morning assembly of your school. 
  4. You have been selected to represent your school in an all India School Debate competition. The topic for the debate is:’In the opinion of this house Value-Based Education is the only remedy for decreasing the Crime rate amongst the educated folk’. Write a speech in not more than 200 words in favour or against the motion, giving arguments for your stand.