Reading Comprehension - Practice Papers 8

 CBSE Class 11 English Core

Section B
Writing Skills


  1. Internet is a window to global information. It has brought the distant parts of the world closer and made it a global village. Write an article on the “Craze for Internet among the modern Youth” and revolutionary change in the life of a common man, by using input from the following picture word (150-­200).
  2. From the time we get up till we go to bed we use gadgets to make our life more comfortable and leisurely. You are Sangeeta/Sandeep of Roop Nagar, Delhi : Write an article in (150-­200) words.
  3. Raj/Rajni is perturbed after reading a report about the miserable condition child Laboures inIndia inthe newspaper. She wants to express her strong feelings against the exploitation of children through an article to be published in his/her school magazine. (Word Limit : 150­200)
  4. You feel pained to notice that modern youth, the yuva generation now ­ is aping western culture in dress, manners and life style blindly write an article against the aping of western culture by the younger generation in about (150­-200) words.