Planning in Sports - Test Papers

                                                            CBSE Test Paper 01

 CH- 01  Planning in Sports

  1. Which of the following is NOT an objective of planning in sports?
    1. Training of empires and coach

    2. Timely achievements of the targets

    3. Distribution of work

    4. Finding out the causes of failure

  2. What is planning in games and sports?

  3. What do you mean by term planning?
  4. What do you mean by extramural?

  5. What do you mean by Intra murals?

  6. In which conditions knock out tournaments are better than Round Robin?
  7. Briefly mention the objectives of intramurals?

  8. Write the name of various committees.

  9. Draw a fixture of 11 Football teams participating in a tournament on the basis of knock-out.

  10. What are specific sports programmes? Explain any three.

  11. What is league tournament? Draw a fixture of 9 teams participating in league tournament League tournament.

CBSE Test Paper 01
CH- 01  Planning in Sports
  1. (a) Training of empires and coach
    Explanation: Training of empires and coach

  2. Planning is a preparation for any action. It is the first requirement of good administration and efficient working of programmes and activities of games and sports.

  3. A plan is a pre-determined course of action to achieve a specified goal. It is an intellectual process characterized by thinking and linking before doing. It is an attempt on the part of manager to anticipate the future in order to achieve better performance. Planning is the primary function of the management.
  4. Extramural means between institutions' or we can say that these competitions are conducted between the players of two or more institutions.
  5. The term Intra murals is derived from a latin word ‘Intra’ means ‘Inside’ & ‘Muralis’ means “Walls’.Intramural sports or intramurals are recreational sports organized within a particular institution, usually an educational institution.
  6. When we have less time, less manpower and modified facilities, we prefer to have knock out tournaments than round robin. These are less expensive also.

  7. The objectives of intramural are

    • It provides mass participation.
    • it provides fun, enjoyment and recreation to students.
    • It helps to identify the talent among one's classmates
    • it develops social values such as honesty, discipline, cooperation, and sympathetic attitude.
    • variety of opportunities provide good leadership skills.
  8. Administration committee, Executive committee, Decoration committee, Lodging and Boarding committee, Transport committee, Ground and Equipment committee, Financial Committee, Refreshment Committee, First Aid Committee, Ceremony Committee, Official committee, Prize committee etc.

  9. Fixture of 11 teams

    • Total number of teams (n) = 11
    • total number of matches = n-1 = 11-1 = 10
    • Total no of teams in upper half = n+12=11+12=6
    • Total no of teams in lower half = n12=1112=5
    • Total no. of Byes = Next power of two - of teams = 16 - 11 = 5
    • Total no. of Byes in upper Half = nb12=512=2
    • Total no. of Byes in Lower Half = nb+12=5+12=3

  10. Specific sports programmes are such programmes which have various objectives such as creating awareness among peoples regarding health, unity etc. These programmes are not usually related to competitions. The various specific sports programmes are as follows:

    1. Run for Specific cause
    2. Run for Unity
    3. Run for Fun
    4. Health Runs
    5. Sports day
    • Sports Day: Sports days are events staged by many schools and offices in which people take part in competitive sporting activities, Often with the aim of winning trophies or prizes. School stage many sports days in which children participate in the sporting event. In schools which use a house system a feature of the school is the competition between the houses; this is especially brought out during sporting events such as Inter house sports day. Games that are popular in the schools are included to be played on that day. They can include straight forward sprint, long races for all ages as well as egg and spoon race. Three legged races as run as well as sac races and parents and child races. The various social qualities such as honesty, brotherhood, group cohesion, friendship are developed among the students by participating in such sporting events.
    • Run for Unity: Run for unity is organized to foster peace and unity among the people of the country. Such runs are the symbol of demand of the people for peace and unity in the world. In such runs efforts are made to include people from different cultures, religions and all walks of life. Such a platform cuts across the social and political barriers. It brings together the common man, the rich man, the politicians, an actor, and people from different faiths and culture .
    • Run for Specific Cause: These races are organised for some noble cause or for creating awareness among the people about cancer, AIDS, environmental pollution, educating the girl child, etc. The running distance may be 5 km or 1 mile. These runs are also organized to raise the funds of charitable trust or society or for specific cause.
      Mumbai and Chennai marathons are the examples of such runs.
  11. League Tournament - League Tournament It is also known as round robin tournament. In this type of tournament, all teams play against each other team irrespective of winning or losing.

    • The number of matches played in league tournament is calculated by
      Number of matches: =N(N1)2; where N is the number of teams
      If the number of teams = 11, then
      Number of matches =11(111)2=11×102=1102=55 matches
      Fixture of 9 teams
      Staircase Method Total = 9
      Number of matches =9(91)2=9×82=722=36 matches