Motion And Measurement Of Distances-Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet-01
Class – VI Science (Motion and Measurement of Distances)

  1. The movement of earth around the sun is an example of
    1. Circular motion
    2. Periodic motion
    3. Oscillatory motion
    4. Translatory motion
  2. The standard unit of length in SI system is
    1. Yard
    2. Foot
    3. Metre
    4. Centimeter
  3. What device should a tailor use to measure the length of cloth?
    1. Measuring rod
    2. Measuring tape
    3. Scale
    4. String
  4. One cm is equal to
    1. 10 mm
    2. 1 km
    3. 1000 m
    4. 1 m
  5. Match the following columns:
    Column AColumn B
    a. Length of a rodi. Vernier calipers
    b. Mass of an objectii. Litre
    c. Small thicknessiii. Kilogram
    d. Area of surface is measured iniv. Square metre
    e. Amount of liquids is measured inv. metre
  6. Fill in the blanks.
    1. The standard unit of length is _________.
    2. The motion described by a simple pendulum is _________ motion.
    3. Length more than one thousand meters are measured in _______.
    4. Motion of a car on straight road is _________ motion.
    5. Hectare is the unit of _________.
  7. Define periodic motion? Give one example.
  8. What is the S. I. unit of length and what is their symbol?
  9. What is different between periodic and non-periodic motion. Give example.
  10. Classify the following motion as uniform motion, non-uniform motion and oscillatory motion. car moving with constant speed, bus moving on city road, rotation of earth, riding of cycle in crowded road, pendulum of clock, a swing.
CBSE Worksheet-01
Class – VI Science (Motion and Measurement of Distances)
Answer key

  1. b
  2. c
  3. b
  4. a
  5. (a) – (v), (b) – (iii), (c) – (i), (d) – (iv), (e) – (ii).
  6. (a) meter (b) oscillatory (c) kilometers (d) rectilinear (e) area.
  7. Periodic motion refers to any movement of an object that is repeated at regular interval of time. For example, pendulum of clock, motion of the child on swing, earth revolving around Sun etc.
  8. S.I. unit of length is meter. It is represented by symbol “m”.
  9. Periodic motionNon periodic motion
    It is repeated at regular interval of time.It is not repeated at regular interval of time.
    For example: movement of Earth around the Sun.For example: motion of our hands and legs during walking.
  10. Uniform motionNon-uniform motionOscillatory motion
    Car moving with constant speedBus moving on city roadPendulum of clock
    Rotation of earthRiding of cycle on crowded roadA swing