Hornbill The Laburnum Top - Solutions

 CBSE Class -XI English Core

NCERT Solutions
The Laburnum Top

Page No: 32 Find Out

1. What laburnum is called in your language?
Answer: In Hindi, it is called 'Amaltaas'.

2. Which local bird is like the goldfinch?
'Indian Lutino Ringneck' is local bird like the goldfinch.

Think It Out

1. What do you notice about the beginning and the ending of the poem?
In the beginning of the poem the tree is calm & silent and in the end it ends with motionless & empty level.

2. To what is the bird’s movement compared? What is the basis for the comparison?
Answer: The goldfinch’s movement is compared to that of a lizard. The basis of the comparison is the sleek, abrupt and alert movements of a lizard. The same kind of movements are observed when the goldfinch arrives on the laburnum tree.

3. Why is the image of the engine evoked by the poet?
Answer: The engine is the source of energy to run machine. It is compared to a bird as it too is a source of energy for its family. As without engine a machine can’t work in the same without a bird its family can’t survive.

4. What do you like most about the poem?
Answer: I like the simplicity and pictorial presentation in the poem. The comparison between bird's movement with machine and Lizard is made in a nice way. Also chirruping & trilling of goldfinch is appropriate.

5. What does the phrase “her barred face identity mask” mean?
The phrase means that the bird’s barred or covered face becomes her identity mask for recognition.