Food-Where Does It Come From-Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet-01
Class – VI Science (Food: Where Does It Come From?)

  1. Green plants prepare their own food, hence they are called
    1. Autotrophs
    2. Parasites
    3. Heterotrophs
    4. Decomposers
  2. Pulses are rich source of
    1. Fibre
    2. Minerals
    3. Roughages
    4. Proteins
  3. Spices provide
    1. Energy
    2. Flavour
    3. Vitamins
    4. Proteins
  4. An animal that eats other animals is called a
    1. Producer
    2. Carnivore
    3. Omnivore
    4. Herbivore
  5. Match the columns
    Column AColumn B
    a. Drinking milki. Are animal products.
    b. Vegetable, fruitsii. Is good for health.
    c. Carrot, tomato, potatoiii. Are rich in minerals and vitamins.
    d. Egg, meat, paneeriv. Are vegetables.
    e. Wheat, gram, ricev. Are plant products.
  6. Fill in the blanks.
    1. Tiger is a ----------- because it eats only flesh of other animals.
    2. Main supply of eggs comes from---------- and ------------.
    3. We are ----------- because we eat both plant and animal products.
    4. Food is needed by living organisms for -----------, ------------ and protection.
    5. We get sugar from--------------.
  7. What are milch animals?
  8. Why do we need food?
  9. Why should we avoid wastage of food?
  10. Given below are jumbled words which are names of parts of plant. Rearrange them to get the correct words.
    1. TOOR
    3. LFOER
    5. ITRUF
CBSE Worksheet-01
Class – VI Science (Food: Where Does It Come From?)
Answer key

  1. a
  2. d
  3. b
  4. b
  5. (a) - (ii), (b) – (iii), (c) – (iv), (d) – (i), (e) – (v).
    1. Carnivore
    2. Hens-ducks
    3. Omnivores
    4. Growth-development
    5. Sugarcane
  6. Many animals like such as cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats were domesticated for animal products like milk, meat and wool.The milk yielding animals are called milch animals. The main milk producing animals are cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats etc.
  7. The food we eat contains the nutrients that our bodies need to replace worn out cells, stay healthy and stay strong. It is the same for every living organism.We need food for growth, development and protection against diseases. 
  8. We should avoid wastage of food as food is precious. There are many people in our country who do not get sufficient food to eat. Even if the food is available, they do not have enough money to buy. We must therefore ensure that no food is wasted.
    1. ROOT
    3. FLOWER
    5. FRUIT