Equality - Revision Notes

 CBSE Class 11 Political Science


Revision Notes

  1. Equality refers that all human beings are equal in all aspects because they are equal by birth as a human being. And everybody should be equally educated, wealthy, and equal status in the society.
  2. But this is a negative aspect of equality because every person cannot be equal in all the spheres as human beings are created even equal by God.
  3. The human beings differ from each other in intelligence, height and physique also.
  4. Positive aspects of equality refers to give adequate opportunities to develop one's own potentialities and to abolish special privileges to be given to some sections of society.
  5. The concept of equality implies that all people,as human beings,are entitled to the same rights and opportunities to develop their skill and talents,and to pursue their goals and ambitions.This means that in a society people may differ with regard to their choices and prefernces.
  6. Natural inequalities are considered to be thev result of the different characteristics and abilities with which people are born.It is generally assumed that natural difference cannot be altered.social inequalities on the other hand are those created by society.They may treat differently people of different rade,colour,gender,or caste.
  7. Equality can be classified as natural, social, civil, economic and political.
  8. Three main dimensions of equality namely,political,social and economic.
  9. Feminism is a political doctrine of equal rights for women and men.According to feminists,inequality between men and women in society is the result of patriatchy.
  10. Article 14 of the constitution of India guarantees equality to all the citizens before law and equal protection within India.
  11. Freedom and equality are closely interrelated with each other and work as a basis of democratic set up.
  12. Equality refers to be eligible to enjoy various opportunities provided by the state.
  13. Affirmative action is based on the idea that it is not sufficient to establish formal equality bt law.most policies of affirmativeaction are thus designed to correct the cumulative effect of past inequalities.
  14. Some inequalities existing in country are: (a) Disparity of income (b) Gender inequality is society (c) Existing slums (d) Inequality among educational institutions.