Electricity And Circuits-Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet-01
Class – VI Science (Electricity and Circuits)

  1. Combination of two or more cell in series is called
    1. Dynamo
    2. Transistor
    3. Battery
    4. Insulator
  2. Filament of electric bulb is made up of
    1. Tungsten
    2. Iron
    3. Copper
    4. Aluminum
  3. Which one is not a good conductor of electricity?
    1. Copper
    2. Silver
    3. Plastic
    4. Graphite
  4. Closed and continous path of electric current is called
    1. Resistance
    2. Circuit
    3. Connector
    4. Insulator
  5. Match the following:
    Column AColumn B
    a. Conductori. Used to join battery and gadgets.
    b. Insulatorii. Used to close and open the circuit.
    c. Resistoriii. Through which current pass easily.
    d. Connectoriv. Current does not pass at all.
    e. Plug-keyv. Obstruct the flow of current.
  6. Fill in the gaps with suitable words.
    1. Combination of two or more cells is called _______.
    2. A device used to break the electric circuit is known as _______.
    3. Each cell has _______ terminals.
    4. _______ is best conductor of electric current.
    5. _______ is a non- metal that conduct electricity.
  7. Name any four devices in which electric cell are used.
  8. What is electric circuit? What is the direction of current in the circuit?
  9. Differentiate between conductor and insulator with example.
  10. Name the following:
    1. An electric gadget to break the electric circuit. b. An alloy used to make filaments of a bulb.
    2. A combination two or more cells. d. The source of electricity. e. The two terminals of a cell.
CBSE Worksheet-01
Class – VI Science (Electricity and Circuits)

Answer key

  1. c
  2. a
  3. c
  4. b
  5. (a) – (iii), (b) – (iv), (c) – (v), (d) – (i), (e) – (ii).
  6. (a) Battery (b) Key (c) Two (d) Silver (e) Graphite.
  7. The devices in which electric cells are used are
    1. Torch
    2. Radio
    3. Tape recorder
    4. Camera
  8. The closed and continuous path of electric circuit is called a circuit. It consists of connector, wire, cell or battery, bulb and a key.
  9. Those substances through which electric current can flow are called conductor and those substance which do not allow the current to flow through them are called insulators.Conductors have very low resistance. Insulators have very high resistance. Usually most conductors are metals. Most non - metals are insulators. Copper, silver, iron are conductors and plastic, paper, rubber are insulators.
    1. Switch
    2. Tungsten
    3. Battery
    4. battery
    5. Positive and negative terminals.