Data Handling-Revision Notes

CBSE Class 6 Mathematics
Revision Notes

  • Data: A collection of numbers gathered to give some information.
  • Recording Data: Data can be collected from different sources.
  • Pictograph: The representation of data through pictures of objects. It helps answer the questions on the data at a glance.
  • Bar Graph: Pictorial representation of numerical data in the form of bars (ractangles) of equal width and varying heights.
  • We have seen that data is a collection of numbers gathered to give some information.
  • To get a particular information from the given data quickly, the data can be arranged in a tabular form using tally marks.
  • We learnt how a pictograph represents data in the form of pictures, objects or parts of objects. We have also seen how to interpret a pictograph and answer the related questions.
  • We have drawn pictographs using symbols to represent a certain number of items or things.
  • We have discussed how to represent data by using a bar diagram or a bar graph. In a bar graph, bars of uniform width are drawn horizontally or vertically with equal spacing between them. The length of each bar gives the required information.
  • To do this we also discussed the process of choosing a scale for the graph. For example, 1 unit = 100 students. We have also practised reading a given bar graph. We have seen how interpretations from the same can be made.