Crop Production and Management - Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet-01
Class–VIII Science (Crop Production and Management)

  1. Sunflower seeds provide us mainly with :-
    a. Fats b. Carbohydrates c. Proteins d. Vitamins
  2. Most commonly grown cereal crop is/are :-
    a. Rice b. Maize c. Wheat d. All the above
  3. Crops sown during winters are :-
    a. Rabi crops b. Kharif crops c. Mixed crops d. Cereal crops
  4. The method of scattering seeds in the field by hand is :-
    a. Hand picking b. Transplantation c. Broadcasting  d. Levelling
  5. Match the column :-
    a. Horticultural cropi) Potato
    b. Kharif cropii) Crotons
    c. Rabi cropiii) Agricultural waste
    d. Compost manureiv) Groundnut
    e. Green manurev) Dry leaves
  6. Fill in the blanks :-
    1. ______ is large scale cultivation of vegetable, fruits & flower plants.
    2. ______ is the process of loosening and turning up of the soil.
    3. ______ is the process of supplying water to crops at different intervals.
    4. ______ is result of too much water given to the soil.
    5. ______ is the science dealing with growth of plants and animals for human use.
  7. Why is it good to wash foodgrains before use?
  8. Why are manures better than fertilizers?
  9. Pick the wrong word out of the following: Pesticide/ Horticide/ Herbicide/ Weedicide/ Insecticide
  10. Write the correct words by putting letters in correct sequence-i) wwiinnngo ii) shhtegrin
CBSE Worksheet-01
Class–VIII Science (Crop Production and Management


  1. a
  2. d
  3. a
  4. c
  5. a. ii, b. i, c. iv, d. v, e. iii.
    1. Horticulture
    2. Tilling
    3. Irrigation
    4. Waterlogging
    5. Agriculture.
  6. Is it good to wash foodgrains before use because it may contain weedicides that are toxic to us.
  7. Manures are better than fertilizers because it has no toxic effect and are low in cost.
  8. Horticide
    1. Winnowing
    2. Threshing