Crop Production and Management - Exemplar Solutions 2

CBSE Class 08 Science
NCERT Exemplar Solutions
Crop Production and Management

12. Pick out the odd one from the following words given in the box and give reason for it.
Plough, Seed Drill, Hoe, Chain Pump, Sickle
Ans. Seed drill, because it is a modern agricultural implement unlike the others which are all traditional tools.

13. If you are given a dry piece of land for cultivation what will you do before sowing the seeds?
Ans. The field will be watered, tilled and ploughed before sowing seeds because seed require moisturous environment.

14. State whether the following statements are True or False. Correct the false statements.
(i) Using good quality seed is the only criterion to get high yield.
(ii) Growing different crops in different seasons in the same field will deplete the soil of nutrients.
(iii) All crop plants are sown as seeds in the field.
(iv) Cells of root nodules of leguminous plants fix nitrogen.
(v) Freshly harvested grains must be dried before storing.
Ans. (i) False: Apart from good quality seeds, using appropriate agricultural practices like proper irrigation,soil quality etc.. are important for getting higher yield.
(ii) False: It actually enriches the soil. Growing different crops in different seasons in the same field is actually crop rotation.
  • maintains and improves soil fertility.
  • Prevents growing of pests, weeds & soil diseases.
  • Controls soil erosion.
  • Prevents soil depletion
(iii) False: Some crop plants need transplantation.
(iv) False: Rhizobium (bacteria) present in the cells of root nodules of leguminous plants fix nitrogen.
(v) True. Food grains which are to be stored for future use should be completely dried because of following reasons.
a) Presence of moisture may be favourable for the growth of microorganisms.
b) Presence of moisture and favourable temperature enhance germination of stored seeds. This should be controlled by removing the moisture completely.

15. During which months do farmers grow mustard in India?
Ans. Seed of mustard germinates at a low soil temperature of . Therefore, cultivation of mustard is done during winter season which ranges in our country from October to March.

16. Which activity of the farmer can promote growth of earthworms and microbes in the field?
Ans. Loosening the soil/maintaining high moisture levels in soil.
Addition of manure
Plowing is a farming execute utilized for cutting, lifting, turning over, and partly pummeling soil.