Coal and Petroleum - Worksheets

CBSE Worksheet-01
Class–VIII Science (Coal and Petroleum)

  1. A solid fuel formed by heating coal in the absence of air: -
    1. hydrogen
    2. coke
    3. methane
    4. coal tar
  2. Fossil fuels does not include: -
    1. coal
    2. petroleum
    3. biogas
    4. natural gas
  3. For generation of electricity in thermal power plants we need: -
    1. coal
    2. petroleum
    3. natural gas
    4. biogas
  4. Coal is a mixture of substances containing: -
    1. carbon
    2. hydrogen
    3. oxygen
    4. all the above
  5. Match the column: -
    Petroleum fractionUses
    a. Paraffin waxi) domestic fuel
    b. Dieselii) making candles
    c. Keroseneiii) making roads
    d. Petroleum gasiv) stove fuel
    e. Bitumenv) automobile fuel
  6. Fill in the blanks: -
    1. All such substances which are used by human beings for their survival and welfare are called ______ .
    2. Petroleum is a ______ and ______ resource.
    3. ______ resources are present in unlimited amount in nature and can be continually replenished.
    4. A ______ is a substance that can be used to produce heat at a reasonable cost.
    5. A ______ fuel is obtained from the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago.
  7. Define carbonization?
  8. How burning of coal can create serious global problems?
  9. Classify the following resources as natural or man- made :
    petroleum, bleach, coal, steel, wind, alloys, water.
  10. Name the black liquid shown in the following picture?
CBSE Worksheet-01
Class–VIII Science (Coal and Petroleum)


  1. b
  3. c
  4. a
  5. d
  6. a. ii, b. v, c. iv, d. i, e. iii.
    1. resources
    2. natural and exhaustible
    3. inexhaustible
    4. fuel
    5. fossil.
  7. During a slow process, over a period of millions of years there has occurred gradual decay and compression of buried remains of plants/trees. Sometimes earthquakes and volcanoes buried entire forests deep down in the earth.The high temperature and high pressure inside the earth slowly converted the buried vegetation into coal. This slow conversion of dead trees and other plants (wood) is known as carbonisation.
  8. When coal is burnt, many gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, smoke, little carbon monoxide etc are produced. Each of these gases causes considerable harm to health and environmental balance. They are major cause of air pollution and global warming. Carbon dioxide is considered one of the pioneer greenhouse gas, nitrogen dioxide causes acid rain and smog(smoke+fog) and smoke itself is very injurious to eyes and respiratory system.
  9. natural: petroleum, coal, wind, water.
    man-made: bleach, steel, alloys.
  10. bitumen