Bepin Choudhurys Lapse of Memory - Worksheets

CBSE WorkSheet 01
Bepin Choudhurys Lapse of Memory

  1. Why was Bepin reluctant to call Dinesh Mukerji?
  2. How does Bepin Babu like to spend his free time?
  3. Bepin Babu lost consciousness at Hundroo Falls. What do you think was the reason for this?
  4. How did Bepin try to decide whether he was right or Parimal Ghosh?
  5. What had Bepin Choudhury told him about his family according to Parimal Ghosh?
  6. How can you say that Bepin Babu’s encounter with Parimal Ghose made him restless?
  7. Who was responsible for Bepin Choudhury’s troubles? Who saved him? How?
  8. The extract is given below and answers the following questions:(1x5 = 5)
    Bepin, have you taken to drugs or something? As
    far as I know, you had a clean record where such
    things were concerned.
    I know those old friendships don’t mean much to you,
    but at least you had a good memory. You can’t really
    mean that you have forgotten about the Ranchi trip.
    1. Discuss the theme of friendship as it emerges in the story.
    2. Describe the tone of the speaker
    3. Why was the speaker alarmed?
    4. Who is the speaker of these lines?
      1. Bepin Choudhury
      2. Chunilal
      3. Parimal Ghose
      4. Dinesh Mukherji
    5. What was the purpose of his visit at Bepin Babu’s residence?
      1. To seek medical help
      2. To seek help to find a job
      3. To sell an investment policy
      4. To lend him books
CBSE WorkSheet 01
Bepin Choudhurys Lapse of Memory

  1. Bepin was reluctant to call Dinesh Mukerji as he thought Dinesh would make a ruthless sarcasm over the issue.
  2. Bepin Babu likes to spend his free time spending in reading thrillers, crime and ghost stories.
  3. Bepin Babu became unconscious near Hundroo Falls. Most probably he would have slipped near Hundroo Falls and that would have made him unconscious.
  4. Bepin tried to decide whether he was right by confirming it from Dinesh Mukherjee, the person about whom Parimal Ghosh was talking about and later by going to Ranchi himself.
  5. According to Parimal Ghosh, Bepin Choudhury had given him some intimate details about his family. He had told Parimal Ghosh that he was a widower without any children. He also said that his only brother had died insane.
  6. Bepin Babu’s encounter with Parimal Ghose made him really very restless. Even in the office, he observed that with every passing hour, his encounter with Parimal Ghose was occupying more and more of his mind.
  7. Chunilal was responsible for Bepin Choudhury’s troubles. In the end, it was he who saved him. He was a schoolmate of Bepin Babu.
    Chunilal wanted a job. He was sure that Bepin Choudhury could help him. Bepin Choudhury thought otherwise. When he persisted, Bepin Babu began to avoid him. This angered Chunilal. So he hatched a conspiracy. He had a neighbour named Parimal Ghosh who was an actor. He took his help. Then he knew that Dinesh Mukerji was also not well disposed toward Bepin Babu. So he took his help also.
    However, Chunilal was not without the milk of human kindness. He quickly revealed everything to him through a letter.
    Thus, Chunilal was responsible for the disease as well as its cure.
    1. The theme of  friendship is the main plot of the story. The friendship between Chunilal and Bepin Choudhury witnesses changing dynamics. Bepin Choudhury refuses to help his friend in need and Chunilal almost proves his friend to have gone mad.
    2. In the above lines, the tone of the speaker has mixed reactions like anger, frustration, pity and sarcasm.
    3. The speaker gets alarmed because he thinks that Bepin Choudhury had started taking drugs as he could not remember the trip to Ranchi.
    4. Chunilal is the speaker in these lines.
    5. Chunilal had visited Bepin Babu To seek help to find a job.