Algebra-Solutions Ex-11.3

CBSE Class –VI Mathematics
NCERT Solutions
Chaper 11 Algebra (Ex. 11.3)

Question 1. Make up as many expressions with numbers (no variables) as you can from three numbers 5, 7 and 8. Every number should be used not more than once. Use only addition, subtraction and multiplication.
(Hint: Three possible expressions are 5 + (8 – 7), 5 – (8 – 7), (5 x 8) + 7 make the other expressions)
(a) (8 x 5) – 7
(b) (8 + 5) – 7
(c) (8 x 7) – 5
(d) (8 + 7) – 5
(e) 5 x (7 + 8)
(f) 5 + (7 x 8)
(g) 5 + (8 – 7)
(h) 5 – (7 + 8)
Question 2. Which out of the following are expressions with numbers only:
(a) y+3
(b) (7×20)8z
(c) 5(217)+7×2
(d) 5
(e) 3x
(f) 55n
(g) (7×20)(5×10)45+p
Answer: (c) and (d)
Question 3. Identify the operations (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication) in forming the following expressions and tell how the expressions have been formed:
(a) z+1,z1,y+17,y17
(b) 17y,y17,5z
(c) 2y+17,2y17
(d) 7m,7m+3,7m3
(a) z+1 Addition
z1 Subtraction
y+17 Addition
y17 Subtraction
(b) 17y Multiplication
y17 Division
5z Multiplication
(c) 2y+17 Multiplication and Addition
2y17 Multiplication and Subtraction
(d) 7m Multiplication
7m+3 Multiplication and Addition
7m3 Multiplication and Subtraction
Question 4. Give expressions for the following cases:
(a) 7 added to p.
(b) 7 subtracted from p.
(c) p multiplied by 7.
(d) p divided by 7.
(e) 7 subtracted from m.
(f) p multiplied by 5.
(g) p divided by 5.
(h) p multiplied by 5.
(a) p+7
(b) p7
(c) 7p
(d) p7
(e) m7
(f) 5p
(g) p5
(h) 5p
Question 5. Give expression in the following cases:
(a)11 added to 2m.
(b)11 subtracted from 2m.
(c) 5 times y to which 3 is added.
(d) 5 times y from which 3 is subtracted.
(e) y is multiplied by 8.
(f) y is multiplied by 8 and then 5 is added to the result.
(g) y is multiplied by 5 and result is subtracted from 16.
(h) y is multiplied by 5 and the result is added to 16.
(a) 2m+11
(b) 2m11
(c) 5y+3
(d) 5y3
(e) 8y
(f) 8y+5
(g) 165y
(h) 5y+16
Question 7. (a) From expressions using t and 4. Use not more than one number operation. Every expression must have t in it.
(b) Form expressions using y, 2 and 7. Every expression must have y in it. Use only two number operations. These should be different.
(a) t+4,t4,4t,4t,t4,4t
(b) 2y+7,2y7,7y+2,7y2 and so on