Moments Iswaran the Storyteller - CBSE Revision Notes

CBSE Class 09 English Language and Literature
Revision Notes
Moments Chapter-3 
Iswaran The Storyteller

  • Mahendra, a bachelor was a junior supervisor in a firm.
  • His job was to keep an eye on the activities at the construction sites.
  • He had to keep moving from place to place but he adjusted himself to all conditions.
  • His cook, Iswaran followed him everywhere.
  • Iswaran did all the household chores and chatted with him at night.
  • He weaved endless stories and anecdotes on varied subjects. He was greatly influenced by Tamil authors.
  • Everyday Iswaran recounted some story packed with adventure, horror and suspense and Mahendra enjoyed listening to it.
  • Iswaran recounted the incident of the up-rooted tree and the tusker who had gone mad in suspense.
  • One day Iswaran narrated the story of the ghost of a woman, holding a foetus in its arms, seen around on a full moon night..
  • Mahendra interrupted and said that there was no ghosts or spirits.
  • He explained that it was only a figment of imagination and nothing else.
  • On a full moon night Mahendra heard some sound near his window. He  saw a dark cloudy figure holding a bundle.
  • Mahendra was terror-stricken,he could not sleep properly.
  • The next day Mahendra resolved to leave the haunted place.