Moments In the Kingdom of Fools - CBSE Test Papers

CBSE Class 9 English Language and Literature
Moments Chapter-4 In the Kingdom of Fools
Test Paper-01

  1. Extract from the lesson
    “What have I done wrong? I’m innocent. I’m sannayasi!” he cried.
    “That may be true. But it’s the royal decree that we should find a man fit enough to fit the stake”, they said and carried him to the place of execution. He remembered his wise guru’s words.
    1. “What have I done wrong?” - Who said these words and to whom?
    2. Why was the disciple fit for the stake?
    3. Whom did the disciple remember?
    4. What was the royal decree the executioners were following?
  2. Extract from the lesson
    “Poor thing, she’s absolutely right, thought the king, weighing the evidence. “We’ve got the real culprit at last. Get the goldsmith, wherever he is hiding. At once!
    1. What is the poor thing being referred to here?
    2. Who is the real culprit?
    3. Why did the king call the girl poor?
    4. What evidence did the girl give?
Short Answer type Questions (30-40 words)
  1. Why was the kingdom called the kingdom of fools?
  2. why did the guru leave the place but the disciple decide to stay in the kingdom of fools?
  3. What advice was given by the guru to the disciple?
  4. What happened to the thief when he entered the rich merchant’s house?
  5. What decision did the king take after hearing the rich merchant’s story?
  6. Why did the king decide to punish the disciple instead of the merchant ?
Long Answer type Questions (100-150 words)
  1. How did the guru save his disciple from the execution? What happened at the end?
  2. The king was foolish enough to dig his own grave?What reasons were there for his doom?
CBSE Class 9 English Language and Literature
Moments Chapter-4 In the Kingdom of Fools
Test Paper-01

    1. The disciple said these words to the executioners.
    2. The disciple was fit for the stake because he became too fat to fit the stake by eating a lot.
    3. The disciple remembered his wise guru's words.
    4. By the royal decree, they meant the order given by the king to find the fat man fit the stake.
    1. Poor thing is the dancing girl being referred here.
    2. The goldsmith is the real culprit according to the king.
    3. The king called the girl poor he considered her to be innocent after listening to her.
    4. The girl told that since the goldsmith was lazy and was making excuses, so she was walking up and down to get her jewellery.
  1. The kingdom was called the ‘kingdom of fools’ because both the king and the minister were idiots. They changed everything. People were ordered to sleep in the day and work during the night. They set the price of everything at one duddu. And anyone who disobeyed would be punished with death.
  2. The guru could foresee the dangers of living in the kingdom of fools, even though the cost of everything was so cheap. So he wanted to leave but the disciple was short sighted and also greedy. He thought to take the advantage of the low price of everything and would eat anything.
  3. The disciple wanted to stay in the kingdom to enjoy the cheap food. But the guru advised him not to stay in this kingdom as it wouldn’t last very long and he couldn’t tell what would happen to him next.
  4. The thief broke into the merchant’s house. He made a hole in the wall and sneaked in. But as he was carrying his loot, the wall collapsed and he died on the spot.
  5. After hearing the merchant’s story, the king decided to punish him on the behalf of his criminal father, saying that if he had inherited his father’s richness he had to inherit his sins too.
  6. The king decided to punish the disciple because the merchant was too thin to be executed on the stake. So the king ordered to find a fat man to be fit for the stake. Hence the disciple was found to be perfect for the stake.
  7. The king found the disciple fit for the stake, so he decided yo execute him. At the end before the death, the disciple remembered his guru through vision and prayed him to save him. As soon as the guru saw his disciple in problem through his magical powers, he reached the kingdom to save him. The guru said something to the disciple and then they both fought to be executed first. Over this the king became surprised. When asked guru told the king that the next king would be the one who would die first and the next who would die would be reborn as the minister.
    When the king heard this, he decided to become the king in the next birth too and his minister would follow him, so he ordered his executioners to kill the first man who would come that night and do the same to the second man. They did as told by the king. This was how the guru saved his disciple. And they both became the king and the minister themselves.
  8. The king was foolish and he was himself responsible for his doom. He changed his kingdom into the kingdom of fools by changing the days and nights. Moreover, everything was so cheap in his kingdom that nothing had any value. The people were also frustrated with the king but they had to follow this rule out of fear. His injustice and dominating rule was one of the reasons for his end. Also his greed for the kingdom in the next life didn’t make him suspect the trick of the guru. His haste proved to be fatal for himself. He always thought himself to be a clever king but his own foolishness took him to his own grave.