Moments A House is Not a Home - CBSE Revision Notes

CBSE Class 09 English Language and Literature
Revision Notes
Moments Chapter-8
A House is not a Home

The author,a young teenage boy, tells his story when he left junior high school and started his first year of high school. He felt little awkward and very isolated.He was sad as his friends were sent to different high schools. He missed his old teachers and went frequently to meet them.They would encourage him to get involved in school activities and make new friends. They also asked him to promise them to meet even if has new people or things in life.
It was a Sunday afternoon and the author was sitting in his drawing room .He was doing his homework.It was a cold and windy day and there was fire going on in the fireplace nearby.The author had a pet cat ,who used to be with him at all times of the day.
His mother was stoking the fire to keep the place warm.Suddenly he could smell something strange and noticed smoke coming out of the ceiling.Seeing the smoke getting filled in the house, they both ran to the front door and could see the house engulfed in flames.He ran to call the neighbours and fire department but his mother ran back to the house.She probably wanted to bring back the stuff which was dear to her like his father's photographs and letters.His father had died long ago and she only had those things to remember him by.He was about to run after her but someone caught hold of him.
Soon the street was filled with fire trucks and were trying to dose the fire off.They assured him that they will save his mother. They wrapped a blanket around him .Soon another fireman could be seen with his mother .She was taken to the car and an oxygen mask was put on her.It took five hours to control the fire. Suddenly he observed that the cat was nowhere to be seen.He burst into tears. They had to spend that night in his grandparents' home.
They had lost everything in fire. Next day ,the author went to school in just the clothes he was wearing at the time of fire and borrowed a pair of shoes from a neighbour. He had no books and his backpack was gone.He was not sure what would happen to him and how would the other school children react to his situation.
While going back home after school , he passed through his old house and was shocked to see the damage.They had to borrow money from his grandparents to buy new clothes and his school books.They rented a house nearby .The author would visit his old home in the hope that his lost cat would come back someday.
The next day when he went to school,he found his fellow schoolmates act strangely.They hurriedly took him to the gym where he could see a large table with all sorts of stuff lying on it. There were books,clothes.stuff for daily needs,every little thing.They had taken up collection and arranged everything for the author.He was touched by their concern.
A month had passed and they had almost rebuilt their home.The author was sitting with his new friends there and somebody came from behind and asked,"Does this belong to you?"He turned around and saw a woman standing behind him holding his pet cat in her arms.He grabbed her from the lady's arms and tears fell down his cheeks.He had regained his lost life.He thanked her for saving his cat's life.