Moments The Happy Prince - CBSE Revision Notes

CBSE Class 09 English Language and Literature
Revision Notes
Moments Chapter-5
The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

  • The Happy Prince was a beautiful statue of a dead prince, decorated with gold leaves and precious stones.
  • One night a little swallow took shelter between the feet of the Happy Prince. He was on his way to Egypt.
  • He noticed that the Happy Prince was crying.
  • The prince was happy when he was alive.After his death they set him high above the city from where he could see the ugliness and all the misery of his people,
  • The happy prince wanted to help the poor and so he sought the help of the swallow.Every night the Prince would request the swallow to take away one of his precious stone and give it to the needy.
  • After the prince lost his sight, the swallow would narrate the sufferings of people.
  • As commanded by the Prince he picked leaf after leaf of the fine gold and gave it to the poor.
  • The intense cold killed the swallow. The swallow’s death broke the prince’s leaden heart.
  • The statue looked shabby so they pulled it down.
  • God was very pleased by their act and said that “for in my garden of
    Paradise this little bird shall sing for ever more and in my city
    of gold the Happy Prince shall praise me.”