Grammar-Reporting a Dialogue - CBSE Value Based Questions - type 4

CBSE Class 10 English
Value Based Questions

Test type will require the students to use the correct passive forms of the verbs by choosing the appropriate options from the given ones.
Complete the following passages by choosing the correct passive forms of the verbs given in brackets from the alternatives given below the passage. Write only your answers in the answer sheet against the correct blank number.
1. Yesterday the city (a) _______ (hit) by a thunder­storm. Many trees (b)__________ (uproot) and streets at several places (c) _________ (flood) resulting in traffic jams.
  1. i) is hit ii) was hitting iii) is hitting iv) was hit
  2. i) were uprooted ii) was uproot iii) were uprooting iv) will be uprooted
  3. i) was flooding ii) were flooded iii) flooded iv) were flooding
  1. iv) was hit
  2. i) were uprooted
  3. ii) were flooded
2. If a long journey (a) __________ (give) a good start, it is half covered. Weariness of the traveler (b)___________ (defeat) by his enthusiasm and hope. He (c) __________ (reward) with success.
  1. i) is giving ii) was give iii) is given iv) can given
  2. i) is defeated ii) defeated iii) were defeated iv) defeating
  3. i) was rewarding ii) is rewarded iii) is rewarding iv) rewarded
  1. iii) is given
  2. i) is defeated
  3. ii) is rewarded
3. Pleasure (a) _________ (enjoy) without passing through pains. Spring (b) __________ (relish) only by those whose bones (c) _________ (freeze) by unbearably cold winter.
  1. i) enjoy ii) enjoys
    iii) are enjoyed iv) can’t be enjoyed
  2. i) relishing ii) was relished
    iii) is relished iv) are relishing
  3. i) has frozen ii) is frozen
    iii) have been frozen iv) has been frozen

  1. iv) can’t be enjoyed
  2. iii) is relished
  3. iii) have been frozen
4. Whenever I feel that I (a) _________ (leave) alone even by my shadow, my loneliness (b) _______ (dispel) by the soothing presence of someone who is everything for me. At that moment, I (c) _____ (compensate) heavily for all the losses ...... even that of my shadow.
  1. i) has left ii) have left iii) have been left iv) have been leave
  2. i) has dispelled ii) is dispelled iii) was dispelled iv) is dispel
  3. i) am compensated ii) am compensating
    iii) have compensated iv) was compensating
5. Yesterday a U.F.O. (a) ________ (see) in the western sky over Delhi. People (b) _______ (horrify) to see it and started running helter skelter. It was reported to have remained suspended in the air for some time. Then it picked up speed and (c) _______ (lose) to view.
  1. i) was seeing ii) was saw iii) was seen iv) were seem
  2. i) was horrify ii) were horrified iii) were horrifying iv) was horrified.
  3. i) was lost ii) had lost iii) was losing iv) has lost
6. Last week a picnic trip (a) __________ (organise) by our school for class XI. The students (b) ______ (take) to Fun and Food village. Five buses (c) _________ (hire) on the occasion.
  1. i) organised ii) was organized iii) was organising iv) had organised
  2. i) had taken ii) was taken iii) were taking iv) were taken
  3. i) were hired ii) was hired iii) were hiring iv) had hired
7. Gandhiji (a) _________ (know) for practising what he preached. Our country (b) ______ (teach) the lesson of truth and non­violence by him. Almost the entire nation (c) ________ (bring) into the main­stream of freedom struggle under his leadership.
  1. i) was knowing ii) had known iii) was known iv) were know
  2. i) were taught ii) was taught iii) is teaching iv) had taught
  3. i) was brought ii) was being brought iii) had brought iv) was bringing
8. Even the deepest wounds, that (a) _________ (give) over a long time by all the cruelties of the world (b) __________ (heal) by a few words of sympathy and love that (c) ______ (speak) by someone who is not apart from you but a part of you.
  1. i) has been given ii) have been giving iii) have been given iv) was giving
  2. i) is healed ii) are healed iii) will heal iv) was healing
  3. i) are spoken ii) is speaking iii) are speaking iv) have spoken