Grammar-Reporting a Dialogue - CBSE Value Based Questions - type 5

CBSE Class 10 English
Value Based Questions

Test type will require the students to attempt questions based on one of the following areas of learning.
  1. Filling in the blanks with suitable clauses to complete a dialogue
  2. Re­ordering the jumbled up words and phrases to make meaningful sentences.
Complete the dialogue by filling up the blanks.
1. Abhay: Give me a book (a) __________
Kamal: I cannot give you any book today (b) __________
Abhay: Please tell me (c) __________
  1. What are you doing
  2. that I am doing my home­work
  3. that you have committed many mistakes
2. Police man: Where (a) ___________
Rahul: I am coming from my office.
Policeman: Where (b) ___________,
Rahul: I work in Nokia care centre No. 10.
Policeman: But, why (c) __________ late?
Rahul: Today there was a party in the office.
  1. from are you coming? ii) are you coming from
  2. where have you been coming from iv) had you been coming from
b. i) you work ii) did you work iii) do you work iv) have you been working
c. i) you should so ii) you may so iii) you will be so iv) are you so.
  1. i) where you bought these trousers from
  2. i) that is in the main market
  3. iii) if I can find a similar one for myself.
3. Shweta: Will you tell me (a) ____________?
Shubham: I wanted to tell you (b) ____________
Shweta: In fact, I always wanted to drive a car (c) ________
  1. Why have you sold that car ii) why you sold that car
  2. where you are selling this car iv) why did you sell that car
  1. that it was very slow ii) if it is very slow
  2. if it was very slow iv) that they were very slow
  1. which run faster than the winds iii) which runs faster than the winds
  2. that it runs faster than the winds iv) which is running faster than the winds
4. Vani: Congrats ! Varun you have done very well in English
Varun: Thank you very much.
Vani: Tell me (a) ___________ (b) ____________
Varun: Certainly yes, I studied from ABC English Centre.
Vani: I would like to know (c) __________
i) why have you managed to score 98% ii) how you have managed to score 987.
iii) how have you managed 98% iv) how come did you manage to score
b. i) did you not take any class ii) where you took coaching
iii) where are how did you take coaching iv) who guide you in coaching
c. i) what is your future plans ii) what will you plan in future
iii) what are your future plans iv) how can you plan for your future
5. Sonu: Have you ever visited Assam?
Monu: yes, (a) __________
Sonu: Do you know (b) _____________?
Monu:   It is a beautiful place and it is very famous for tea ..........
Sonu: (c) __________?
a. i) When I was very youngest ii) when I was very young
iii) When I became very young iv) When I was youth
b. i) What was it famous for? ii) Why was it famous for
iii) what is it famous for iv) when is it famous for
c. i) how you reached there ii) how could one reach there
iii) how did you reach there iv) do you know how to reach there
6. Niru:   Anita, please tell me (a) ___________
Anita:   I think (b) ____________
Niru:   OK, it will suit me but make sure (c) ___________
  1. how the house warming economy takes place?
  2. what the house warming ceremony take place?
  3. when the house warming ceremony will take place
  4. when will the house ceremony take place.
  1. how it will take place in the morning.
  2. why it will take place in the morning
  3. that it will take place in the morning
  4. that it can take place in the morning
c. i) that I can accompany you ii) that I accompany you
iii) how I can accompany you iv) that I am accompany you
7. Mother:   Minu, why are you so late from school today?
Pankaj:   I visited my friend today
Mother:   Your friend Deepak just called
Pankaj:   Did you (a) __________
Mother:   She wanted to know (b) ___________
Pankaj:   I had told her that (c) _____________
a. i) took any message from her? ii) take any message from her?
iii) any message from her? iv) taken any message from her?
  1. Whether you will be going to Radha’s birthday party.
  2. Whether will you be going to Radha’s birthday party
  3. Whether shall you be going to Radha’s birthday party.
  4. whether may you be going to Radha’s birthday party.
  1. I will confirm my programme on telephone.
  2. I shall confirm my programme on telephone
  3. I would confirm my programme on telephone
  4. I must confirm my programme on telephone
8. Neha:   Good morning, Tanu! (a) __________ ?
Tanu:   Good morning Neha. I am coming from medical store.
Neha:   I hope all is well. (b) _____________ so early?
Tanu:   I went there to bag some medicines for mother
Neha:   (c) _____________ ? I hope it is not services.
Tanu:   She had a minor heart attack but now she is O.K.
a. i) Why are you up to day ii) where you went away
iii) where are you coming from iv) where do you come from
b. i) how you went there ii) why you went there
iii) why did you go there iv) how have you gone there
c. i) What has happened to her ii) which has happened to her
iii) why had it happened to her iv) how it happened to her