Grammar-Gap Filling - CBSE Value Based Questions - type 2

CBSE Class 10 English
Value Based Questions

Test type will include gap filling to test the knowledge in the following areas:­
  1. Non­finites
  2. determiners
  3. connectors
  4. modals
  5. prepositions
  6. subject­ verb­ concord
In the following passages, choose the most appropriate option from the ones given below to complete the passage. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. Do not copy the whole passage.
1. Gravitation is the force (a) ______ holds us all down (b) _______the surface of the earth. Anything (c) ________ upwards falls back to the earth. It is not only the earth that has the pull of gravity (d) ________also everything else in the universe. Everything in this universe attracts(e) _______ other body to (f) _______. (½×6=3)
  1.  i) Whom ii) that iii) whose  iv) who
  2. i) into ii) on iii) to iv) in
  3. i) thrown ii) throwing iii) to throw iv) threw
  4. i) because ii) and iii) so iv) but
  5. i) each ii) every iii) either iv) neither
  6. i) themselves ii) herself iii) itself iv) himself
TYPE ­ 1 (solution)
  1. ii) that
  2. iii) to
  3. i) thrown
  4. iv) but
  5. ii) every
  6. iii) itself
2. Mark Twain was the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens (a) _______ was one of (b) __________ greatest fiction writers of America. He grew up in a small town (c) _________ the bank of the Mississippi River. (d) _________ a small boy he moved to Hannibal on the banks of the river (e) ________ he experienced (f) ________ excitement of river travel. (½×6=3)
  1. i) Which ii) who iii) that iv) he
  2. i) an ii) a iii) the iv) his
  3. i) on ii) in iii) at iv) upon
  4. i) since ii) from iii) to iv) as
  5. i) when ii) where iii) whenever iv) whence
  6. i) a ii) his iii) an iv) the
  1. ii) who
  2. iii) the
  3. i) on
  4. iv) as
  5. ii) where
  6. iv) the
3. Lecture as a method of teaching is as old as civiliasation. It is (a) ________commonly practised and very widely used. In (b) _________ countries, (c) ________ traditional and almost the only technique (d) _________was the formal lecture. The effective use of lecture requires skillful preparation (e) _______ is incomplete (f) ________ followed by questions and answers. (½×6=3)
  1. i) more ii) much iii) most iv) many
  2. i) a ii) the iii) an iv) many
  3. i) the ii) a iii) every iv) an
  4. i) employ ii) employs iii) employed iv) employing
  5. i) who ii) which iii) it iv) whom
  6. i) unless ii) if iii) fill iv) since
  1.  iii) most
  2. iv) many
  3. i) the
  4. iii) employed
  5. ii) which
  6. i) unless

4. The human body is like a machine containing (a) _________ systems(b) ______ out the processes (c)________ life. Each system is (d) _________ up of organs (e) _________ consist of _______ cells and tissues. (½×6=3)
  1. i) little ii) several iii) much iv) more
  2. i) to carry ii) carry iii) carries iv) carried
  3. i) for ii) in iii) of iv) with
  4. i) makes ii) making iii) make iv) made
  5. i) that ii) who iii) whose iv) those
  6. i) specialise ii) specialized iii) specializing iv) specialises
5. There is a great difference (a) _________ faith and (b) ________ people call belief. (c) ______ belief is superficial and is easily (d) __________, faith makes us strong. We (e) _______ have faith in God (f) ________we know that He exists. (½×6=3)
  1. i) among ii) between iii) in iv) from
  2. i) when ii) how iii) what iv) which
  3. i) while ii) when iii) since iv) where
  4. i) shaking ii) shaken iii) shake iv) shook
  5. i) can’t ii) shouldn’t iii) can iv) should
  6. i) till ii) so iii) that iv) unless
6. (a) _______ of our five sense organs (b) _______ in a perfect coordination with the other (c)_______. (1×3=3)
  1. i) every ii) each iii) most iv) much
  2. i) work ii) worked iii) working iv) works
  3. i) ones ii) once iii) one iv) one’s
7. Jesus Christ was accused (a) ________ misleading the masses despite (b) _______ fact (c) ________ he was leading them from darkness towards light. (1×3=3)
  1. i) of ii) with iii) from iv) in
  2. i) a ii) the iii) an iv) that
  3. i) this ii) these iii) those iv) that
8. It is (a) _________ important than anything else (b) _______ that we are a part of nature and not apart (c) ________ it.
  1. i) much ii) most iii) many iv) more
  2. i) to remember ii) remember iii) remembering iv) remembered
  3. i) of ii) from iii) in iv) off
(Gap filling)
9. Complete the passage given below choosing the correct alternatives. [½x6 = 3]
The moment (a) ________ letter fell (b) ________ the mailbox, the postmaster (c) __________ to open it. It said: “God! (d) __________ the money that I asked for, only seventy pesos reached me. Send me the rest, (e) __________ I need it very much. But don’t send it to me through the mails (f) __________ the post office employees are a bunch of crooks.
  1. i) a ii) his iii) the iv) that
  2. i) into ii) after iii) in iv) under
  3. i) goes ii) going iii) went iv) had gone
  4. i) with ii) by iii) of iv) to
  5. i) because ii) when iii) since iv) as
  6. i) as ii) since iii) but iv) because
10. Complete the passage given below choosing the correct alternatives [½x6 = 3]
A book worth (a) ________ is one which, (b) ________ read, (c) __________ auspiciousness to the reader. It (d) ______ be able to hold (e) ______ attention and be capable of (f) _____ expounded to others.
  1. i) read ii) has been read iii) reading iv) is being read
  2. i) then ii) now iii) when iv) where
  3. i) brought ii) bring iii) bringing iv) brings
  4. i) could ii) may iii) must iv) should
  5. i) its ii) my iii) his iv) their
  6. i) be ii) becoming iii) being iv) been.
11. Complete the passage given below choosing the correct alternatives:
Passenger aero plane mostly fly (a) ________ speeds less than that (b)__________ stand, although aero planes (c) __________ can fly (d) ________ supersonic speeds have been built. This is (e) ________ if they fly (f) ________ speeds greater than the speed of sound.
  1. i) with ii) at iii) on iv) by
  2. i) from ii) of iii) around iv) with
  3. i) which ii) when iii) what iv) whose
  4. i) on ii) over iii) at iv) in
  5. i) scenery ii) seen iii) scene iv) seeing
  6. i) by ii) on iii) at iv) with
12. Complete the passage given below choosing the correct alternatives [½x6 = 3]
No one is born (a) __________ another person (b) __________ of the colour of his skin, or his background or his religion. People (c) __________ learn to hate, and (d) __________ they can learn to hate, they (e) __________ be taught to love, for love comes more (f) __________ to the human heart than its opposite.
  1. i) to hate ii) for hating iii) with hatred iv) hating
  2. i) due to ii) that iii) because iv) as
  3. i) could ii) should iii) must iv) have to
  4. i) when ii) since iii) whether iv) if
  5. i) might ii) must iii) can iv) will
  6. i) natural ii) nature iii) with nature iv) naturally.
13. Complete the passage given below choosing the correct alternatives [½x6 = 3]
Lickily, Mr. keesing (a) __________ the joke the (b) __________ way. He read the poem (c) __________ the class. (d) __________ his own comments, and to several (e) __________ classes (f) __________ well.
  1. i) takes ii) take iii) has taken iv) took.
  2. i) correct ii) wrong iii) right iv) rightly.
  3. i) in ii) for iii) to iv) before
  4. i) adds ii) adding iii) added iv) by adding
  5. i) more ii) another iii) lot iv) other.
  6. i) very ii) equally iii) as iv) so.
14. Complete the passage given below choosing the correct alternatives. The room was (a) __________ the ground floor (b) __________ in front of the cottage. As I came up (c) __________ the wilderness (d) __________ had once been a garden. I could see the days watching (e) __________ the old lady’s bed. And when I knocked on the door the place erupted with (f) __________ barking. It was always like this.
  1. i) on ii) in iii) from iv) at
  2. i) but ii) so iii) and iv) but
  3. i) through ii) between iii) from iv) among
  4. i) who ii) what iii) whose iv) which
  5. i) at ii) by iii) on iv) from
f. i) could not ii) had not iii) wasn’t iv) didn’t
15. Complete the passage given below choosing the correct alternatives.
Panic prevails (a) __________ Muana village, the biggest of Safidon Subdivision of Jind district. (b)__________ a large number of people are (c) __________ from diarrhea, reportedly due to the supply (d) __________ contaminated water. Most of the villages (e) __________ been complaining of diarrhea (f) __________ Sunday.
  1. i) in ii) at iii) by iv) on
  2. i) why ii) which iii) where iv) whom
  3. i) suffer ii) sufferer iii) suffered iv) suffering
  4. i) by ii) of iii) from iv) with
  5. i) had ii) have iii) having iv) has
  6. i) for ii) since iii) by iv) from.