GEO Water Resources (Only Maps) - CBSE Important Questions

CBSE Important Questions
Class 10 Social Science
Chapter-03 Water Resources

Q.1 The total volume of the world’s water is estimated to exist as ocean:
(a) 75.5% (b) 85.5%
(c) 95.5% (d) 65.5%
Ans.(c) 95.5%
Q.2 Roof top rainwater harvesting is the most common practice in-
(a) Shillong (b) Guwahati
(c) Imphal (d) Patna
Ans.(a) Shillong
Q.3 On which river has Nagarjun Sager Dam been constructed?
(a) River Coyana (b) River Krishna
(c) River Godavari (d) river Tapti
Ans.(b) River Krishna
Q.4 How much %of the Earth’s Surface is covered with water?
(a) About 70% (b) About 90%
(c) About 60% (d) None of these
Ans.(a) About 70%
Q.5 What is the rank of India in the world countries in the terms of Water availability per person p.a.?
(a) 129th (b) 130th
(c) 131st (d) 133rd
Ans.(d) 133rd
Q.6 It is predicated that nearly 2 billion people will live in absolute water scarcity in the year of –
(a) 2015 (b) 2020
(c) 2025 (d) 2030
Ans.(c) 2025
Q.7 The first & the only state in India which has made Roof Top Rain water Harvesting Structured
compulsory to all the across the state is –
(a) Karnataka (b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Kerala (d) none of these41
Ans.(b) Tamil Nadu
Q.1 State any three objectives of Rainwater harvesting?
Ans: (a) To reduce run off water
(b) To raise the water table
(c) To reduce ground water pollution
Q.2 What is multipurpose river valley project? State any two purposes which are fulfilled by a river valley project?
Ans: Multipurpose river valley project consists a dam or series of dames on a river or rivers for fulfill many purposes like:
(a) irrigation
(b) electricity
(c) control flood
(d) check soil erosion
(e) inland navigation
(f) fisheries etc.
Q.3 Mention three major sources of irrigation in India, which source of irrigation is more popular in southern state? and Why?
Ans : (I) The three major sources pf irrigation in India are –
(a) Canals
(b) Wells & tube wells
(c) Tanks
(II) Tank irrigation
(III) Because Southern States are mostly come under Deccan plateau
which are not suitable for irrigation by canals
Q.4 What is “Water scarcity” what are its main causes?
Ans: “Water scarcity” means shortage of water.
CAUSES: (may write any two)
(a) Unequal distribution of rainfall
(b) Large & growing population
(c) Over exploitation of water
(d)Wastage of water by people (Explain all in brief)
Q.5 Name any two multipurpose river valley projects or dams which are causes of new social movements. Why did people oppose them?
Ans : Two Multipurpose project which are caused social movements –
(a) Narmada –Bachao Andolan
(b) Tehri-Dam Andolan
(c) Sardar Sarover Dam
-Large scale displacement of local communities
-Environment issues
-Demand for Rehabilitation facilities from Govt.
Q.6 Explain in brief –
(a) Bamboo drip Irrigation System
(b)Khadins & Johads42
(c) Guls & Kuls
(1) In Meghalaya, 200 years old system of tapping stream and spring water by using Bamboo –pipes.
(2) People built division channels from rivers for irrigation to their field in western Himalaya is called Guls or kuls .
(3) People developed inundation channels to irrigate their fields were converted into rain storage structure in particularly western Rajasthan Jaisalmer called Khadins and Johads in other parts of its state.
Q.7.Why do we conserve water resources?
Ans: i)To safeguard ours from health hazards
ii) To ensure food scarcity
iii) To protect natural ecosystem (Explain all in brief)
Q.1 How can rainwater be harvested? Explain. (Four points)
Ans : Rainwater can be harvested in the following ways :(any four points)
i) By digging ponds and tanks.
ii) By building embankments and check dams.
iii) By making arrangements for storage of rainwater on rooftops.
iv) By constructing concrete underground reservoirs.
v) By constructing reservoirs in park and public places and covering them with concrete slabs.
vi) Building plans should invariably be made only when there is a provision for water harvesting.
Q.2 What is the different causes of water pollution? Explain by four reasons.
Ans: The different causes of water pollution are:
(a) Mix-up of domestic wastes
(b) Mix-up of Industrial wastes,
(c)Use of Chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture
(d) Oil slicking by ships in oceans (Explain all in brief)
Q.3 Match the following               

Column A
Column B
1. Social movement

a) highest rainfall in the world

2. A dam

b) temples of modern India

3. Jawaharalal Nehru declared the dams as the

c) a barrier across flowing water that obstructs the flow

4. Mawsynram
d) Narmada Bachao Andolan.