Footprints ch10 The Book That Saved the Earth - CBSE Value Based Questions

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature
Foot prints Without Feet
Ch-10 ‘The Book that saved the Earth’

Value Based Questions

Q.1. Half knowledge leads to disaster. Explain this with reference to the play ‘The Book That Saved The Earth’.
  • Martians had to abandon the mission to invade earth as they misinterpreted the nursery rhyme book.
  • Similarly half knowledge can lead to disaster every where
  • Half knowledge is dangerous. It never helps to achieve success.
  • Only knowledge can bring self contentment and success.

Q.2. Rushing to conclusion without going into details may lead to chaos and failure. Elaborate this with reference to Martian invasion in the chapter ‘The Book That Saved The Earth’.
  • Martians failed to gather complete information about earthlings
  • were overconfident & thought themselves superior.
  • they misinterpreted the signals received from Earthlings’ book of nursery rhyme & fled away
  • Rash decision, & rushing to conclusions made them to abandon their mission.
  • through knowledge, perseverance, consistent efforts help us to achieve the aim, always bring success.