Footprints ch09 Bholi - CBSE Value Based Questions

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature
Foot prints Without Feet
Ch-9 ‘Bholi’

Value Based Questions

Q.1. ‘Dowry is negation of the girl’s dignity’. Discuss with reference to the story ‘Bholi’
  • After seeing Bholi’s pock-marks the bride groom Bishamber Nath demanded Rs. 5000/- as dowry from the father.
  • He himself was lame, widower and yet was not ready to accept Bholi without dowry.
  • He insulted Bholi’s father which was a great blow/set back to her dignity
  • Dowry is a social evil, It should be neither taken not given - only Education can eradicate this.
Q.2. A ‘previously known dumb cow’ raised her voice against the social evils of dowry in the society. Discuss the transformation of Bholi from a submissive to a bold, courageous girl, referring to the teacher’s role in her life.
  • Education is must.
  • Education gives you confidence and equips you to face life. A teacher is an artist who can transform and change a person for better.
  • Teacher plays a major role in transformation of Bholi from stammering little girl to a confident woman.
Q.3. Bholi chose a dignified life of service rather than surrendering herself to a greedy old man for the rest of her life. Education provides her the required stimulus to overcome her personal barrier. Explain the role of education in shaping the personality of the child with respect to the lesson ‘Bholi’.
  • Education takes us purpose of life
  • Education helps us to distinguish between right and wrong.
  • Education gives courage and confidence to live life differently and meaning fully
  • Bholi overcame her personal barrier with teacher’s help.
  • She stood up at the time of marriage threw away her veil and decided to look after her parents instead of marrying a greedy old man.
Q.4. Sending Bholi to school was a ‘blessing in disguise’. Explain this in context to the chapter ‘Bholi’.
  • Bholi – a slow learner, her face marred by pock marks, stammering child was sent to school
  • Mother thought that there was little chance of her getting married as she had ugly face and she decided to send her school – ‘let the teacher worry about her’.
  • Education transformed Bholi completely she grew up confident, bold humble woman.
Q.5 Bholi’s mother was least interested in sending girls to school. The chapter highlights the discrimination against the girl child. Analyze and write your opinion.
  • According to Bholi’s mother – the sole purpose of the girl’s life is to get married and do house hold chores. For her sending girl to a school is just a waste of time, money.
  • Girls in India generally have to face discrimination they are ill-treated, ill-fed & overworked due to prevalent practice. Only education can help to change the present scenario.