Footprints ch07 The Necklace - CBSE Value Based Questions

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature
Foot prints Without Feet
Ch-7 The necklace

Value Based Questions

Q.1. A little confession would have changed the life of Matilda. Should we confess our mistakes courageously. Write your opinion.
  • Yes
  • If Matilda had confessed that she had lost the necklace in front of her friend, her life could have been different.
  • Confession can bring peace of mind.
  • One would not have to go through unnecessary troubles/ tensions
  • Admit the mistake, learn from it & move on.

Q.2. Our inability to accept our circumstances may lead to an unhappy life. Analyze with reference to the story ‘The Necklace’.
  • We should accept life as it comes to us.
  • No use cribbing about unhappy circumstances.
  • Try to be happy and work for solution
  • Nothing bad in being ambitious but there is no short route to success and happiness.