Footprints ch02 The Thiefs Story - CBSE Revision Notes

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature
Revision Notes
Chapter 02 
The Thief’s Story

  • A small-time 15 year old thief, who calls himself Hari Singh, befriends a struggling author, Anil. Hari’s purpose is to steal Anil’s money.
  • Anil is a good fellow who wants to teach Hari Singh how to read and write.
  • Gradually, Anil develops trust in Hari Singh. But Hari Singh has been waiting for the right moment to make a killing by doing what he is best at, i.e. stealing.
  • After stealing the money which Anil had earned by selling a book to a publisher, Hari Singh tries to run away forever.
  • But some inner voice stops him from doing so. He returns to Anil because he realizes that he wants to live a life of respect.
  • Anil does not show that he knew about the theft and accepts Hari Singh with open arms.
  • Thus, a well intentioned person tries to reform a teenager who had strayed from the correct path