First Flight ch09 Madam Rides the Bus - CBSE Revision Notes

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature
Revision Notes
Chapter 9 Madam rides the bus

• The story is about an eight year girl named Valliammai. She was very curious to know about things.
• Her favourite pastime was to stand at the front doorway of her house and see what was happening in the street outside.
• She would watch the bus that passed every half an hour from her village to the nearest town.
• She developed a desire to ride the bus. This became her deepest desire.
• Valli found out the details of the bus journey by listening carefully to the conversations between her neighbours and regular bus users.
• She came to know that the town was just six miles from her village and the fare was thirty paise one way. The trip took forty-five minutes.
• Valli planned her visit to the town. She saved sixty paise for the fare. Finally she took the one o’clock bus to the town.
• The conductor was a jolly short of person. He amused Valli with her light hearted remarks. He calls her MADAM by way of joke.
• Valli was very happy to have got into the bus. She saw outside through the window. She could see t6he canal, the palm trees, grassland, distant mountains and the blue sky.
• She met some passengers in the bus. She got annoyed when an elderly man called her a child. She disliked the elderly woman for her shabby look and didn’t prefer to talk to her.
• On the way to the town, Valli saw a frightened cow running right in front of the bus. She clapped gleefully as the cow ran faster.
• Valli did not get off the bus at the town. She did not want to go to the stall and have a drink because she had no money. She also declined the offer of a cold drink by the conductor. It tells u that she is a self-respecting girl and can overcome temptation.
• On the return journey, she saw the same cow lying dead by the roadside. This unpleasant sight made her very sad and She was a sensitive girl.
• The bus reached the village at three forty. She got down the bus and reached her home. Her mother did not come to know about her journey.