First Flight Poem ch07 Animals - CBSE Revision Notes

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature
Revision Notes
Chapter 7 
Animals (poem)

  • In the poem “Animals” Walt Whitman has given a pedagogic point before human beings.
  • He is very comfortable in the company of animals.
  • He says, animals are placid and self contained, do not whine and weep about their conditions, are always satisfied and do their duty towards God and express their love and respect towards human beings and lead a life of satisfaction and peace.
  • To enable the students understand and enjoy the theme and language by reading the poem “The Animals’’.
  • To enable the students be specific in reflection, expression and individual opinion and deeper understanding of the Animals.
  • To enable the students identify the connection to words or phrases that resonate with other things.
  • To enable the students know more about the poet or background of the poem.
  • To enrich the students with vocabulary.
  • To enable the students acquire a few grammar items, stress patterns, punctuation, pronunciation, rhyme and rhythm