Beehive Reach for the Top - CBSE Revision Notes

CBSE Class 09 English Language and Literature
Revision Notes
Beehive Chapter-8
Reach for the Top

The story is about Santosh Yadav , who has climbed the Mt. Everest,twice.She was born in a society where the birth of a son was a blessing and girl child was not much welcomed.When her mother was expecting Santosh,a traveling 'holy man' blessed her to have a son but Santosh's grandmother said that they wanted a daughter.
As destiny would have it, Santosh as born ,only girl child in the family ,after five boys.She was born in a small village of Joniyawas of Rewari district in Haryana.
Santosh,which means contentment,was born with a different set of mind. She was never content with her place in the traditional way of life.So she started living her life on her own terms.She used to wear shorts when other girls wore traditional Indian dresses.She always had the thinking of changing the world around rather than changing herself.
Even though her parents could afford to send her to the best schools but she was sent to the local village school.She didn't say anything on that but decided to react when the right moment arrived.When she turned sixteen,the age when all other girls of her age got married, she wanted to study.She threatened her parents that she would not marry if she is not allowed a proper education.So , she left her house and got herself enrolled in a school in Delhi.When they refused to pay for her education,she politely informed them of her plans to work part time.Slowly they understood her urge to study more,they finally consented and allowed her to study.She finished her high school and went to Jaipur.She started living in a hostel there.Her hostel was near Aravalli hills.She used to watch some people going up the hill and then vanishing after a while.Out of curiosity ,she spoke to them and found out that they were mountaineers.She asked them if she too could join them.They happily agreed to that and motivated her to climb the mountains.
Then there was no looking back for Santosh. She put all her efforts to train herself and got herself admitted at Uttarkashi's Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.After training,she went to an expedition every year.She developed a remarkable resistance to cold and height.She proved herself because she possessed iron will,physical endurance and an amazing mental toughness.
She scaled Mt Everest at an age of twenty only and became the youngest woman in the world to achieve the feat.Her seniors were too much impressed and she found a special place in the hearts of her fellow climbers.
During 1992 Everest mission,she tried to save a climber but unfortunately he lost his life.Still she managed to save another climber by sharing her oxygen with him.
Within 12 months ,she became a member of Indo-Nepalese Women's Expedition.She then scaled Mt Everest for a second time and set a record to become the only woman to have scaled the Everest twice.She secured a place for herself and India in the annals of Mountaineering.She also got an honor to receive Padmashri. She proudly describes the moment when she unfurled the tricolour on the roof of the world.She also brought about 500 kg of garbage from the Himalayas.