Beehive Poem The Road Not Taken - CBSE Revision Notes 2

CBSE Class 09 English Language and Literature
Revision Notes
Beehive Chapter-1

The Road Not Taken
By Robert Frost

  • This poem emphasis on the importance of taking right decisions at the crucial moments in our life.
  • Here the poet has reached a turning point where he has to make a decision.
  • There are two paths before the poet. One leads to the undergrowth and the other is less travelled by people.
  • The poet takes a long time to arrive at a decision because he knows that the decision which he takes now will make a big difference to his life.
  • He decides to take the less travelled path because he wants to be unique.&
  • After some time he realizes that both the roads were equally used by people.
  • The Poet keeps the other path reserved for another day.
  • He doubts that he would ever have a chance to come back. Once a decision is taken it is forever. You have to be satisfied with it.
  • The poet says that after many years he would say that he chose the less travelled path and that made all the difference in his life.
  • He will tell people that our life depends on the decisions we take. The decisions will have great influence on our life.
  • Hence, it can be said that the present holds the future.